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The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is dedicated to keeping Tasmania’s marine heritage alive and to maintaining traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills. Find us on the banks of the Huon River at Franklin in southern Tasmania. We celebrate the history and beauty of this area (and its boats), strive for a sustainable way of life for all concerned and to be a vital part of our community (and the boats).

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  • The further adventures of Jack de Crow
    For we Mirror Dinghy tragics, who need more after the original tale of Sandy Mackinnon’s voyage on Jack de Crow through the backwaters of England and the canals of Europe to the Black Sea, there is now a Jack de Crow II. Well, an aural one. Listen to it on ABC Conversations. Thanks to Ken… Read more: The further adventures of Jack de Crow
  • Menu for Monday night dinner
    Come along and find out! Kate is still sailing back from Port Davey, and is no doubt occupying herself by mining her recipe book for a tasty repaste.
  • Helpers wanted for Community Day Dec 17th
    In the past we have held very successful ‘open days’ (rowing, Nancy joy rides, BBQ, sailing, model boats etc) and this year it will be even better with the Wooden Boat Centre joining in. We do need LBT members to be involved (10.30pm to 3.30pm) to make this work: if you can help out please… Read more: Helpers wanted for Community Day Dec 17th
  • Peter Schimeld’s ‘instant’ canoe
    We had been hearing all sorts of stories from Peter, so earlier this week the Tuesday Group headed over to the Wooden Boat Centre to inspect. It was the second morning of the build and we were impressed. The previous morning the ‘canoe’ had just been two sheets of plywood: by early afternoon they had… Read more: Peter Schimeld’s ‘instant’ canoe
  • Sailing Fridays
    John Avery writes: Last Friday afternoon Martin and I took a couple of our Grebedinghies out for a delightful sail on the Huon. Quite sublime! Severaltimes our dinghies worked their way upwind in the sea breeze, across tothe island and back to the western shore, then ran back up-river andaround Kerrawin’s bow, arriving home as… Read more: Sailing Fridays
  • Scattering Dr Grahame Dudgeon’s ashes
    Some long time LBT members will remember Grahame who was a big supporter of the local wooden boat community and who died recently. His ashes are to be scattered from the Wooden Boat Centre wharf Saturday 9th December between 1.00-1.30pm.
  • Pics from the Pieman Expedition
    Thanks to Nell Tyson and Endra O’May for these. There are more in Rod Macfarlan’s Dropbox.

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