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The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is dedicated to keeping Tasmania’s marine heritage alive and to maintaining traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills. Find us on the banks of the Huon River at Franklin in southern Tasmania. We celebrate the history and beauty of this area (and its boats), strive for a sustainable way of life for all concerned and to be a vital part of our community (and the boats).

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  • Escapee dinghies
    There was a very high tide on Friday evening. A couple of dinghies (not ours) have taken the opportunity to make a run for it – to Wattle Grove. If you recognize them contact Gary McDonald at Huon Yacht club – 0408 434 549
  • Committee Meeting 24th July
    An agenda is being prepared here. If you want to catch up on what business has recently been addressed see the minutes for the last meeting here.
  • A familiar face (and a familiar boat)
    A recent video in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival’s ‘Folks and Boats’ series features Saul Davidson talking about the restoration of his Hartley 16. Watch it here. For those who haven’t participated in Tawe Nunnugah and don’t know Saul, he has been one of our intrepid safety boat operators on a number of Raids.
  • Monday night BBQ dinner coming up
    It is a long month so we will have a couple of barbecues to end it. Quite right and very nautical too – Long John Silver’s nickname was Barbecue. Come along with your snags and kebabs for the hotplate, something to share, something to drink and $5 for the kitty after 6pm.
  • On the water? No, in the water
    Who says it is too cold to go in the water in Tassie in winter? You just have to be wearing the right clobber. Last weekend two of Endra’s young friends prevailed on her to take them scalloping at Shoal Bay, Maria Island in her boat Nord. They did alright too – not much competition.
  • South Passage
    There is a nice article in Southern Wooden Boat Sailing about the sail training ship ‘South Passage’. It is by her skipper Phil Woodgate, who was in charge on Capricornia for the last Tawe Nunnugah. Read it here.
  • The Argonaut is for sale
    Not one of Jason’s ships, but perhaps even better an Adrian Dean scout boat, apparently still in good condition. Sadly St Helens Scout Troop have wound up and they are dispersing their equipment. Read all about it here.

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