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The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is dedicated to keeping Tasmania’s marine heritage alive and to maintaining traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills. Find us on the banks of the Huon River at Franklin in southern Tasmania. We celebrate the history and beauty of this area (and its boats), strive for a sustainable way of life for all concerned and to be a vital part of our community (and the boats).

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  • Come and help at the Wooden Boat Centre
    Liz Lord writes: ‘Are you friendly, outgoing & community minded? Here at the Wooden Boat Centre we are looking for new crew members to get aboard & help us share the story of our wonderful maritime heritage. We need meeters & greeters, tour guides with passion, and woodworkers in the workshop. Spend half a day,…
  • Monday night dinner
    John Pollard sent in the following details for his Moroccan lamb tagine: The usual drill: so that the cook knows how many he is cooking for please arrive before 6:30pm or let us know beforehand that you are coming (email, text message to 04977 86572).
  • Return Raid sail past
    Martin Kell lives on the river downstream from Franklin, and set up his video camera to film the boats coming past on the final day – see
  • Tawe Nunnugah hasn’t finished for everybody
    Rob Blackburn is still in the thick of reconciling the bar tabs. The accounts should be out shortly.
  • Swiftsure Regatta – Area of Competition
    Please be advised that the Swiftsure Regatta will be taking place on Saturday, 25th March 2023.  The Regatta runs from 10am to 4pm, and will involve multiple small rowing and sailing craft using the river and canal in an area from the north of South Egg Island down stream to the south of Rat Island.…
  • Storage of Imagine’s Oars
    Over the past few weeks, for some unknown reason, Imagine’s oars are getting stuck in the tubes in the oar locker. Until we sort out something better just one oar per tube please, with the other two oars in the locker but loose on top of the pile of oars.  Thanks from Lorrie
  • SWIFTSURE REGATTA Saturday 25th March 2023

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