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The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is dedicated to keeping Tasmania’s marine heritage alive and to maintaining traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills. Find us on the banks of the Huon River at Franklin in southern Tasmania. We celebrate the history and beauty of this area (and its boats), strive for a sustainable way of life for all concerned and to be a vital part of our community (and the boats).

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    After struggling for many months with the green rope holding the pontoon almost in place the rowers are very grateful to have the pontoon back in it’s rightful place, the anchor reset, the green rope removed and more room to bring the skiffs in. The rowers would like to thank Mike and his team, Neil,… Read more: BACK ON THE STRAIGHT
  • No more ‘trip’ ropes for Skiffs
    It was heads down, bums up time on Tuesday as Mike Hewitt, Neil Easson, Paul Frost and the team reset the pontoon anchors. All seems well so the ‘temporary’ lines that were being used for stabilisation have been removed. The noosts have also been moved to what should be a more satisfactory position – the… Read more: No more ‘trip’ ropes for Skiffs
  • Monday night dinner: British Regional anybody?
    Another ‘bring your own’ and the LBT is touring the world menu. Moving right along from last Monday’s Italian we are headed north to Old Blighty, the land of such culinary gems as black pudding, mushy peas, fried Mars Bars, fish finger sandwiches, pie floaters and tripe. Bring along your favourite to share, plus something… Read more: Monday night dinner: British Regional anybody?
  • Get your April ‘Afloat’ magazine
    Available at the chandlery or the Wooden Boat Centre. This month features a piece on Port Huon and a very nice obituary for Iain Oughtred written by Robert Ayliffe which is illustrated by a photo that some LBT members might recognise. Afloat is also accessible online.
  • Work on the Flying Fifteen
    Nick and Rob having started scraping down the Flying Fifteen over at the Wooden Boat Centre, revealing why she was leaking. The talk at the moment is to use dynel sheath to get her watertight.
  • Monday night dinner – Indian time again
    If the Indian food cooks can do as well as the Italian ones who provided dinner last Monday we will eat well. Yes, it’s another bring your own Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Korma, Malai Kofta, Vindaloo, Rogan Josh or whatever is your favourite, plus drinks and $5 for the kitty.
  • Catch of the day
    Bob Buckley, Martin Kell and Richard Forster have been out magnet fishing for the missing pontoon mooring. They had some success too, hauling up one for the anchor boulders (but it got away). They did manage to get the can chair (pictured below) into the boat, but then the job was to detach the magnet… Read more: Catch of the day

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