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  • Learn about decorative knots this coming Monday
    Those of us who have attended Barbara Frankel’s classes have been impressing friends and relatives with our knot making prowess ever since. You too can do it: come along at 5pm Monday before the BBQ dinner.
  • Huon River Cruise
    The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania’s annual Huon River Cruise is something of an institution and provides a splendid spectacle on the river. The weather gods were kind for last Sunday’s venture as can be seen in the following snaps kindly provided by our on the water photographer Nell Tyson
  • Chasing the Light
    Rick (Crossland) has an upcoming exhibition of paintings called “Chasing the Light” A number of the paintings were done of the boats at Franklin. The Exhibition is opening at 6pm on Fri 3rd December but there should be an online preview from the 29th via Ricks website. If anyone is particularly interested in a painting…
  • Good News for Hanon
    Further to our previous SOS for Hanon. Some great news – Jill has just sent us an update to advise; ” A previous owner has contacted us and we have sorted out a deal to save Hanon.Thank you for your support.”
  • An update on Nancy
    Just in from Team Nancy are these snapshots of significant progress of the work on Nancy. Great work one and all!
  • SOS for a wooden boat in Strahan
    Good Morning, We are in need of help with a wooden boat, presently in Mills Bay, Strahan, that has had recent damage, we believe it is taking on water.We live in South Australia and due to COVID restrictions can’t get over to sort out what to do.We bought the boat ‘Hanon’ a year ago with…
  • Monday Night Dinner dates!
    Kate won’t be available for the 22nd November so it will be BBQ and bring something to share, and of course the 30th is the usual BBQ date. Kate will be back for the 6th and 13th of December. The 20th will be the BYO Christmas Party So in summary: 22nd and 30th Nov =…
  • Martin Kell’s Big Adventure
    A highlight of the Franklin waterfront back in 2013 was the ‘Rusich’, parked at the end of the marina. She was a replica of the Viking trading boats that used to ply the great rivers of Russia, and had been sailed out to the Australian Wooden Boat Festival be a Russian crew. She was a…
  • The Roger Harwood
    At the last committee meeting it was decided that the famous Roger Harwood small dinghy race around Egg Island should be included in our Christmas celebrations on 19th December. For those who are wondering about Roger, he is still very much with us, and, Gary McDonald reports, rows his Whitehall up the Kermandie River most…
  • Nancy in the Water-shed
    Looks like the Watershed will be ideal for getting Nancy painted.
  • WBC has spaces for new students!
    From the WBC: “we are actively looking for students to fill these places that are now vacant [for 2022]. If you know anybody that may be interested in becoming a shipwright, or someone that simply wants to spend a year building wooden boats, we encourage you to share this information with them. More information on…
  • Community Celebration and Fundraiser for the Wooden Boat Centre 11th December
    See the flyer below for details.
  • Regatta on Huon 13 Nov
    Mariners are advised a Rowing Tasmania Regatta will be held on Saturday, 13 November 2021 and Sunday, 14 November 2021 (08.00 -17:00 hours) on the Huon River at Franklin. Mariners are requested to transit the area with caution and avoid interfering with the event.
  • Nancy is in the Shed
    It took a bit of argumentation, a few changes of minds, and one or two ‘fine adjustments’, but in the end Nancy was shuffled onto the trailer and towed (very gingerly) along the foreshore and into the Watershed. Some pics below – thanks to Clodagh Norwood. It was a team effort, but particular thanks to…
  • Trailer Meccano
    Piet Lundstedt has been storing the cradle and other bits that make it possible for our big trailer to transport large vessels such as Nancy. It all takes a bit of putting together – see pic below. For those who are interested, we are hoping to get Nancy out of the water down at the…
  • Committee meeting 11th November
    Committee meeting coming up. Agenda is being compiled at . Draft minutes of last meeting are at .
  • Ketches
    How lucky are we? Two classic ketches (Yukon and Kerrawyn) are tied up on our doorstep – for the time being. For those who don’t know, Kerrawyn is taking over Yukon’s ‘River Cruises’ gig. The plan is for Yukon to head home to Denmark next winter (sigh).
  • Video of Family Fun Day
    How did she do it? Holly Puckering took some footage and THE NEXT DAY here is this beautifully edited and narrated tale of all the fun. See . And thanks Holly. We are stunned.
  • Family fun day at the LBT
    Sunday was a reminder of how blessed we are in the Huon Valley – both with place and people. There we were beside the river on a mild spring day but with snow on the mountains to admire, and with a veritable feast of activities (and food) provided by those people to choose from. Paul…
  • Five mile crew
    This Franklin St Ayles Skiff crew formed to compete in the Castle to Crane race last year, and, as reported in this column, did very, very well. There has been a beautiful video made about them: see

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