Tawe Nunnugah 2025

tn25 Welcome Dinner, Franklin – Tuesday 28 January 2025

tn25 Raid, Recherche Bay to Hobart – 29 Jan to 7 February 2025

Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Constitution Docks, Hobart – 7-10 February 2025

RR25 Return Raid, Hobart to Franklin – 10-14 February 2025

For further information about tn25 contact info@tawe-nunnugah.org

Tawe Nunnugah is coming


How to sign-up for the Raid – We use Forms to get information from you. Links (in blue) will be added when each form is available

  • Step 1 – Join the mailing list to receive up-dates as we post them. The mailing list form is open.
  • Step 2 – Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI). In the EOI we ask you to tell us about your boating experience, any special needs (dietary etc) and what you want to do on the Raid (e.g. use own boat, crew on LBT boat, sail, row, Camp Support volunteer etc).
  • Step 3 – Book using our on-line booking system. We do not post the link to the booking system on our web-site. After we receive and have reviewed your EOI we will send an email with a link to the booking site. This is to ensure we can meet your needs for the Raid and, if bringing your own boat, whether it is suitable.
  • Step 4 – Pay the participation fee. The booking system will generate an invoice with instructions on how to pay.

Information for Participants

Latest News

News Posts will be sent to everyone on the tn25 mailing list. If you miss a post, find it here.

  • Getting the boats ready for TN25
    Steve Wilson sent this picture of the scout boat Abel Tasman undercoated and ready for painting.
  • Information Exchange
    For previous Tawe Nunnugahs we set up an online system to assist participants who wanted to share transport, accommodation, equipment, information etc. See an example from 2023 here. We are doing it all again – see this webpage which can be navigated to from the TN25 homepage. To participate simply fill in the form with… Read more: Information Exchange
  • Expressions of Interest for Festival now open
    If you want to enter your boat in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2025 now is the time to fill out the initial form <<here>>.
  • Looking forward to the Wooden Boat Festival
    See <<this interview>> with Festival director Paul Stephanus conducted by Southern Wooden Boat Sailing.
  • Expression of Interest form for tn25 now open
    If you are thinking about joining the 2025 tawe nunnugah Raid or Return Raid, either as a Participant on a boat or as Volunteer in any capacity, please complete an Expression of Interest. The EOI tells us a little about your boating experience, any special needs (dietary etc) and what you want to do on… Read more: Expression of Interest form for tn25 now open
  • TN25 ferry costs too much? Sail here
    Here is a story for our interstate members blanching at the cost of bringing a dinghy across on the Spirit for Tawe Nunnugah. Episode 16 of Small Craft Tasmania describes ‘sailing solo around Tasmania & across Bass Strait in a 13′ open dinghy‘. Thanks to Lorrie Harrison for pointing out this one to us.
  • Newsletter from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival
    Read all about it here. Couple of sample items: If you want to enter a boat in the Festival expressions of interest open in April; if you want to participate in Sean Koomen’s dinghy build do it soon. And there is lots more.
  • Thank-you for joining the tawe nunnugah Mailing List
    Thank-you for your interest in the tn25 Raid and my apologies for not communicating before now – once I poke my head up organising the Raid can become all consuming, so I try to lie low until we are a year out. But here we are with eleven months to go and planning for the… Read more: Thank-you for joining the tawe nunnugah Mailing List
  • Tawe Nunnugah 2025 is coming
    Many of us are still basking in the glory that was TN23: others have the main sheet in one hand and the tiller in the other and are already asking for directions to the starting line for TN25. Here is some assistance for those in the latter category.

Maps, Videos etc

Here is where we went in 2023. Was this perfect? Do we need to change it?

tn23 route – version posted 18/11/2022
tn Return Raid indicative route – details may change