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    After struggling for many months with the green rope holding the pontoon almost in place the rowers are very grateful to have the pontoon back in it’s rightful place, the anchor reset, the green rope removed and more room to bring the skiffs in. The rowers would like to thank Mike and his team, Neil,… Read more: BACK ON THE STRAIGHT
  • No more ‘trip’ ropes for Skiffs
    It was heads down, bums up time on Tuesday as Mike Hewitt, Neil Easson, Paul Frost and the team reset the pontoon anchors. All seems well so the ‘temporary’ lines that were being used for stabilisation have been removed. The noosts have also been moved to what should be a more satisfactory position – the… Read more: No more ‘trip’ ropes for Skiffs
  • Monday night dinner: British Regional anybody?
    Another ‘bring your own’ and the LBT is touring the world menu. Moving right along from last Monday’s Italian we are headed north to Old Blighty, the land of such culinary gems as black pudding, mushy peas, fried Mars Bars, fish finger sandwiches, pie floaters and tripe. Bring along your favourite to share, plus something… Read more: Monday night dinner: British Regional anybody?
  • Get your April ‘Afloat’ magazine
    Available at the chandlery or the Wooden Boat Centre. This month features a piece on Port Huon and a very nice obituary for Iain Oughtred written by Robert Ayliffe which is illustrated by a photo that some LBT members might recognise. Afloat is also accessible online.
  • Work on the Flying Fifteen
    Nick and Rob having started scraping down the Flying Fifteen over at the Wooden Boat Centre, revealing why she was leaking. The talk at the moment is to use dynel sheath to get her watertight.
  • Monday night dinner – Indian time again
    If the Indian food cooks can do as well as the Italian ones who provided dinner last Monday we will eat well. Yes, it’s another bring your own Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Korma, Malai Kofta, Vindaloo, Rogan Josh or whatever is your favourite, plus drinks and $5 for the kitty.
  • Catch of the day
    Bob Buckley, Martin Kell and Richard Forster have been out magnet fishing for the missing pontoon mooring. They had some success too, hauling up one for the anchor boulders (but it got away). They did manage to get the can chair (pictured below) into the boat, but then the job was to detach the magnet… Read more: Catch of the day
  • Don’t invite rats and mice to the shed
    The rats and mice are looking for a cosy place with plenty of food to spend the winter. If we don’t leave them any food they will go somewhere else. So please do not leave leftover food on the tables thinking someone else might enjoy it – nobody is going to eat your leftovers after… Read more: Don’t invite rats and mice to the shed
  • Camera action
    Shhh! The LBT was involved in a film shoot for a very popular TV series, but nobody is allowed to know yet. Thanks to Martin Kell for being the set roustabout.
  • On the Water
    Mike Dredge sent the following message to the team. My thanks to you all for your involvement and support for this year’s On Water program.  I think we all know it can be a bit of a drag at times, but we do help kids to become a lot more comfortable on small boats and… Read more: On the Water
  • Viking progress
    Viking’s canopy is out of the Shed and ready to fit. Yay! There is still some work to do, particularly wiring, but we should soon have our own solar boat.
  • ‘Rachel’s Farm’ at the Palais, April 7
    Share Rachel and her neighbour Mick’s journey to regenerative food production and profitability. Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that focuses on restoring andenhancing the health of ecosystems. By choosing food that’s produced regeneratively, what you eat can be good for the planet, good for farmers, and good for you and your family’s health. $5 a… Read more: ‘Rachel’s Farm’ at the Palais, April 7
  • April fools Monday dinner: Italian (made by you)
    No joke. After 6pm bring to the Shed your pizza, your pasta, your panettone, your whatever to share, and the good news is it doesn’t have to start with ‘p’. Also something to drink, and $5 for the pot. ps. This is also Easter Monday
  • Newsletter from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival
    Read all about it here. Couple of sample items: If you want to enter a boat in the Festival expressions of interest open in April; if you want to participate in Sean Koomen’s dinghy build do it soon. And there is lots more.
  • Dover Easter Regatta 29-31 March
    It is upon us! Find the details here. We notice from the boat calendar that there is at least one Skiff booked for the event. Endra O’May is hoping to take Shannon down – contact her on 0412 168 552 if you are interested.
  • Grand Opening of PESC clubhouse
    Congratulations to Port Esperance Sailing Club on this achievement. The new premises look wonderful. Read all about it here.
  • Monday night BBQ coming up
    It will be our last daylight saving barbecue for the season, so come along and lets make the most of it. Usual drill: something for the hotplate, something to share, something to drink, and $5 for the kitty. See you after 6pm.
    Results Ruth Young – one woman rowing a grebe from the LBT around Rat Island and back to the LBT. Glenys Bounday-30:17 minutes Sussie Nicholls – 33:00 Phyllix Tam – 34:56 Nell Tyson 37:50 Roger Harwood A little bit of extra rowing this year as the tide was so low it was thought they would… Read more: SWIFTSURE REGATTA 2024
  • Thicknesser induction
    Gavin and Phil spent a good deal of Thursday fixing the thicknesser which had ceased to work because it had not been operated correctly. Members are welcome to use equipment but please ask for an induction if you are not experienced.
  • Kate’s Monday 18th March Menu
    Kate Hoorweg writes: Weather is predicted to be very warm again on Monday so, menu is: Wow! Hurry up and join the list so you don’t miss out in the stampede: sign up <<here>> . (I already have).
  • Timetable for Swiftsure Regatta Sat 16th March 2024
    Approx start time Event 09:30:00 The Ruth Young, women 09:45:00 Roger Harwood, open 10:00:00 Swiftsure time trials 10:30:00 Novelty races, blind fold boaties, dragon boat grebe 11:30:00 Skiff races 1km -mixed 12:00:00 **Rat Island Briefing 12:00:00 Skiff races women 12:30:00 Rat Island, sailing 02:00:00 Results and awards  ** Important to attend if you are sailing… Read more: Timetable for Swiftsure Regatta Sat 16th March 2024
  • If interested in the 2025 Raid join the tn25 mailing list
    Although we have been quiet, planning is well under way for the next tawe nunnugah Raid in January/February 2025. We will soon start sending out information on how to be part of tn25 but we don’t wish to overload you with messages if you are not interested in the Raid. This message has gone to… Read more: If interested in the 2025 Raid join the tn25 mailing list
  • Launch of Prudence
    A few years ago Richard Forster inherited a nice little clinker dinghy from Brian Marriott. She was used hard and put away dirty, and when it was discovered that the stem was rotten it was obviously time for her to go in the shed for a major makeover. A couple of weeks later, with Martin… Read more: Launch of Prudence
  • The solution to the trailer problem?
    The answer might simply be don’t have one. On Sunday we watched this fairly ungainly looking craft come up the the river to Franklin, and then lift its skirts and waddle straight up the boat ramp.
  • LBT members at large column
    John and Jen Avery have just crossed Bass Strait. Here is a recent log report. SKYE is now safely at anchor in Oberon Bay west of Wilson’s Prom. Arrived here yesterday middle afternoon. Left Burnie in the dark Tuesday morning. Avoided the freighter due in at dawn and the one leaving after us. Wind NE… Read more: LBT members at large column
  • First pics from the Freycinet expedition
    Looks like they were able to take advantage of the good northerly breeze. Pics from Endra O’May
  • The Steamer Run
    An LBT crew recently participated in this event which traverses the Gippsland Lakes. Here is Lorrie Harrison’s brief report. Steamers Run 2024 Collaboration between the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally team and St Ayles Skiff Community Rowing Association of Australia (SASCRAA) have lead to our modern version of the Steamers Run in 2020 and 2024. St… Read more: The Steamer Run
  • If you need a defibrillator this weekend…
    Go to the Franklin Marine or the Wooden Boat Centre. Ours is off with the Freycinet expedition.
  • Corflute time
    Judging from the candidates advertising themselves outside DS Cafe we shall have a good range to choose from in the upcoming election. We aren’t sure which of the two pictured below would have the LBT’s interest closest to their heart.
  • The Swiftsure Regatta Board
    The Regatta is coming up on March 16th, and Lorrie Harrison has taken over the inside noticeboard for event registration. Get your name down for the Blindfold Race, the Mixed Skiff 1km, the Rat Island Sailing, or whatever takes your fancy.
  • Another Monty
    What’s this? We like to boast that ours is quite likely the only Montagu Whaler in Australia in active use, but Bill Ethel has sent photographic evidence that she now has a sister in Geelong. He writes: ’82 years old Montague Whaler launched after 3 year reconstruction by members of the Western Beach Boat Club… Read more: Another Monty
  • Ros Barnett
    It was great to see LBT stalwart Ros back in the Shed sanding down her Acorn dinghy. For those who are relatively new to the LBT, she was one of the powerhouses that got the place going – secretary, organiser of Tawe Nunnugahs, Monday night cook, the lot!
  • Making waves
    The On the Water Program is well and truly underway, and on Wednesday Phil Petterson was on duty stirring up a good wake in the safety boat to give the rowers some thrills. For some of the kids there was as much fun to be had off the water as on it – trying to… Read more: Making waves
  • Gridlock at the pontoon
    There seems to never be enough room for boats at the LBT, particularly in this season when the schools program is running, there is social rowing, tourist boats are coming in, and Nancy is taking out the odd tour. It is a good time to be reminded that our resources are shared, that sailors and… Read more: Gridlock at the pontoon
  • The Flying Fifteen is behind bars
    See pic below. But this is good news: she is in the Wooden Boat Centre yard and Cody Horgan is fitting her into their list of maintenance jobs so that the bad leak around the rudder tube can be fixed.
  • John Pollard’s famous Lamb Tagine
    Come and experience it this coming Monday night at the Shed. At $20 a head an unbeatable bargain. Follow up is black rice pudding and stewed fruit. Book in using <<this form>> so you don’t miss out.
  • Judy Krynen’s ashes
    Nick Krynen brought Judy’s ashes down to Franklin this week. They were scattered from Nancy on the same stretch of the Huon which received Martin’s ashes. Judy and Martin were great friends and contributors to our community, and we are honored by Nick’s decision to do this.
  • Window fixed
    One of the great things at the LBT is the expertise to do a range of jobs. Paul Frost has just fixed the front window.
  • Monday night pasta night
    We are cookless this week, so it is up to we diners to provide the fare. Lets make it pasta (spag bol, lasagna, gnocchi, canelloni, macaroni, penne etc) or something Mediterranean to accompany it. Bring $5 for the pot and drinks.
  • Tribute to Iain Oughtred
    The Living Boat Trust almost certainly has the largest collection of Iain Oughtred boats in Tasmania if not Australia, and last week Cody Horgan organised a nice photographic tribute to Iain. Actually, if he had scouted a little more widely he could have included even more Oughtred boats – Syrah, and Matt Gogarty’s Acorn. See… Read more: Tribute to Iain Oughtred
  • New key code for the Shed
    The code to enter the LBT through the front door has been changed. If you are an LBT member you can get the new code by contacting the secretary at 04977 86572 or Whilst guests are welcome in the Shed when accompanied by a member they should not be given the code. Once you… Read more: New key code for the Shed
  • Van Diemen’s Band ‘Songs of the Sea’
    Some of us enjoyed this classical music group when they played at the Palais recently. Mike Dredge points to their upcoming ‘Songs of the Sea’ concerts which might have even more appeal to we salties. See details here.
  • Gantry for the Shed?
    The latest round of Men’s Shed grants are targeted (in part) on ‘health’. An issue that has concerned the committee for some time is the health (and safety) of the backs of those who have to handle boats in our Shed, so we are applying for funding for a gantry. When not in use it… Read more: Gantry for the Shed?
  • Sailing season
    There has been lots of wild and woolly wind, but in between times the sailors have been getting out, and Matt Gogarty took this snap of Monty and Shannon on the same tack. A little further afield, John and Jen Avery are cruising around Flinders Island.
  • What to do with a pontoon
    Well, one thing is to use it for getting a new mast put in.
  • Vale Iain Oughtred
    Sad news today from Scotland of the passing of Ian Oughtred. He designed many of the boats we know so well including the St Ayles skiff.  The following email came to Jim Barr, president of SASCRAA from Iain’s son. Dear Jim Having spent the day surrounded by visiting friends and perusing the many wonderful, supportive… Read more: Vale Iain Oughtred
  • If you are in the west…
    Martin and Kerryn Chambers will be talking about the Raid at the Fremantle Sailing Club on the 21st March. See the flyer below.
  • BBQ coming up
    Having enjoyed Mel and Ryan’s splendid fare this week, the Monday night diners are no doubt looking forward to pitching in and doing it for themselves this coming week. Bring something for the hotplate, something to share and $5 for the kitty.
  • Swiftsure Regatta
    Members who are able to help on the day as recorders, race starters or run the sausage sizzle please contact Mike or Lorrie. Mike – Lorrie –
  • Do you recognise these outboard fuel tanks?
    They were left in the LBT shed at the end of the 2023 tawe nunnugah Raid. We don’t remember whether they were given to the LBT or just on loan. If you know anything about them, please contact us on:
  • Kettering Wooden Boat Rally
    For those who want to catch up on what went on and drool over some of the boats have a look at this article from Southern Wooden Boat Sailing.
  • Ryan and Mel cooking this coming Monday
    Menu: Italian meatballs and berry crumble. Book in using <<this form>> so we have an idea of numbers.
  • Lost and Found Box is overflowing
    .Deb van Velsen tells us Items will be re-homed at the end of the month.
  • LBT Committee Meeting coming up
    There is an agenda being prepared here. If you have business you want raised send it in to the secretary:
  • Putting on side
    Phil Holmes commutes to Tuesday Group.
  • Undine launched
    Steve Wilson snapped the following pics of the restored ‘D’ class yacht Undine coming out of the Wooden Boat Centre shed and being launched. What a boat, and what a restoration. Congratulations to Jack, Cody, Sean and all those involved.
  • We are Keen on a Monday Curry night
    Did you know that Keen’s Curry was first concocted on Brown’s River, Kingston? Struth! That sign made with boulders on the hillside in South Hobart is a bit of a clue. A neanderthal billboard? Bring the suitably suitably spiced provender from your kitchen next Monday evening after 6pm to share with other LBT hot food… Read more: We are Keen on a Monday Curry night
  • Shannon back and running
    Some people at the LBT don’t muck around. Last week we reported that Shannon had lost her propeller, and it sounded as though she might be out for the summer sailing season. But Phil Petterson located a replacement, and he, Endra O’May and Ryan had her down on the Port Huon Yacht Club slip early… Read more: Shannon back and running
  • Busy Tuesday
    The pics below illustrate just some of what was going on. The cadets came down with Roger Sly for a sail in Monty. Capricornia was brought up on the hard to be worked on, with her centreboard needing particular attention. Jaffa continued work on Abel Tasman, whilst Basil supervised Des working on the canopy for… Read more: Busy Tuesday
  • Something missing
    There was supposed to be a propeller attached to the end of the shaft underneath Shannon (pictured below), but when Steve Wilson went for a look he discovered that grub screws had not done the job. No wonder she won’t go!
  • Kate’s menu
    Come along and enjoy it this Monday night. Kate says: we’ll be having Thai satay chicken with peanut sauce ( or vego version of same) with stir fried vegies and coconut rice, finishing with Tawe Nunnugah-style Black Forest Cake. Thank you thank you, and see you soon‘. Give us an idea of numbers: register using… Read more: Kate’s menu
  • Looking for propeller for ‘Shannon’
    Our 23′ small Hood designed cruising yacht has lost her propeller. Do you have a replacement sitting in your shed? If you think you do please contact Endra on 0412 168 552.
  • Skiff news from Western Australia
    The Denmark rowers are skiting about their good results at the recent Augusta Regatta. They are giving a lot of credit to their coach, our old friend Sally Ward. Judging from the pic below Skiffs are doing very well in WA.
  • Undine
    If you want to see the Ferrari of mid twentieth century racing yachts go and take a peek through the side door of the Wooden Boat Centre where the Undine project is approaching completion. See the complete story from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, one of the sponsors of the project, here. We are told… Read more: Undine
  • Kettering Wooden Boat Rally 9th-11th February
    This is the February event held on the ‘off year’ when the Wooden Boat Festival is taking a breather, and a lot of fun it is too. The LBT has attended en masse on a number of occasions. If you want to participate have a look here for details. If you want to register your… Read more: Kettering Wooden Boat Rally 9th-11th February
  • Monday night BBQ coming up
    Forecast is for light winds, 28 degrees and little chance of rain. Sounds like the perfect time to cluster around the hotplate to char the vittles, then settle on the lawn to consume them. For those who have not been around and are wondering, Mark has been hard at work on the mower so we… Read more: Monday night BBQ coming up
  • Tis the season for sailing
    Hardly a season of settled weather, but variety is the spice of life so they say (who are ‘they’?). Warwick, Nina and Rod have Tai Hoa off the wharf and somewhere up the Channel as this newsletter goes out. The boats involved in Tom Stevens’ ‘Summer Getaway’ are all back now, having, in Tom’s case,… Read more: Tis the season for sailing
  • Wood bank
    A timber bank for wooden boats was established as part of the Regional Forestry Agreement back about 10 years ago, but not all is well. Read all about it in this article by Ian Johnston in Southern Wooden Boat Sailing.
  • Monday Dinner – Kate is cooking
    The headline says it all. See you on Monday night. Added Sunday afternoon: I didn’t include the link to the booking form – please let Kate know if you are coming by completing the form here:
  • Monday Dinner – its all gone to pot
    Martin Riddle writes: Secretary Richard (who organises everything for the LBT) is up the east coast enjoying sailing time on Seastar – leaving us to muddle along. Something will happen on Monday night but we don’t know exactly what yet. At the moment options are either Kate cooks, John cooks or we all cook. If… Read more: Monday Dinner – its all gone to pot
  • Bukhu to play at the Watershed
    Martin Riddle writes: Our old friend Bukhu (the wonderful Mongolian throat singer and horse fiddle player) is back in town and has agreed to play at the Watershed Franklin (the old Franklin Evaporators) – 6pm-8pm on Thursday 18 January (doors open 5.30pm). Tickets ($20 or $5 for children under 16) available in advance from TryBooking… Read more: Bukhu to play at the Watershed
  • Rowing News from Lakes Entrance, Victoria by Cheryl and Karl
  • An opportunity to participate in ‘On the Water’
    Mike Dredge tells us that Basil van Riet from Huonville PS has a fair size group of Year 4-5s, and is keen to get them ‘On the Water’ on the following dates: What we need are LBT members to help out, taking the kids rowing. If you can help out please enter your name on… Read more: An opportunity to participate in ‘On the Water’
  • Favourite woolly jumper found
    It was locked away for safe-keeping by the ever-efficient Tuesday group. Thank-you for all the messages of sympathy. You can see from the picture how happy I am to have it back.
  • Favourite woolly jumper missing
    A blue jumper with regular white flecks was left over the back of a chair in the LBT shed at 4pm Tuesday (yesterday) but wasn’t there this morning. If you are looking after it for me, or have seen someone wearing it, please let me know (Martin Riddle). It came from the UK and you… Read more: Favourite woolly jumper missing
  • First Monday Curry Night of 2024
    A chance to show off your culinary skills. Come down to the shed after 6pm with a course to share, a bottle and $5 for the pot.
  • Minutes for December Committee Meeting
    Find draft minutes here.
  • Keeping an eye on things
    David Hume was down at the pontoon, noticed that Shannon’s boom was not secured, and hopped aboard and fixed the problem. Worth keeping your eyes open when you are taking the dog for a walk along the foreshore: time and tide will jiggle loose the best of knots. Thanks to Steve Wilson for pics.
  • Kate’s back for 2024!
    Kate Hoorweg will be cooking this coming Monday night (January 8th) – menu dependent on the weather. Come along and find out what she decides. If you are coming enter your name here so we have an idea of numbers.
  • Events at the Palais
    If you are looking for entertainment off the water the Palais has sent us a reminder that there is plenty to be had in our very own hall – see the events web page. First cab off the rank is the film Mama Mia coming up this Sunday, January 7th. See the details here.
  • Thanks to the Tuesday Group
    After yet another successful ‘On the Water’ program Mike Dredge sends thanks to the Grebe maintenance crew – without whom the program could not occur. See attached.
  • Celebrating boat restorations
    Tim Oxley writes: Graeme Broxam and I are looking for some ‘old boat restoration’ stories for wider publication.The purpose is simply to celebrate restoration projects and encourage others to do likewise. We think the story line should be simple to avoid ‘writer’s cramp’, and have proposed a short questionnaire for restorers to complete and send… Read more: Celebrating boat restorations
  • Small boat expedition postponed
    The small boat expedition, scheduled to meet the large boats at Schouten Island in January has been postponed until later in the season when more people are available.
  • Time off until January 9th
    The first day back for the Tuesday Group will be in the second week in January – the 9th.
  • Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update
    Tom Stevens has sent the following. Large Boats Only a few weeks to go to our 2 week summer outing up to Wineglass Bay in January 24 . We have a few boats (7) already keen to join. Leaving Jan 10th from Southport or elsewhere and returning by Jan 24th we will travel up and back… Read more: Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update
  • The place to be is the LBT
    It was the select Christmas party of the season, with only we chosen few getting invitations. We hope the governor is putting something on for the also rans. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL LBT MEMBERS AND FRIENDS
  • First of the scout patrol boats in the Shed
    We have great hopes that these boats will be very useful as ‘giant Grebes’, able to take six kids rowing, or participate in Raid sailing. The Tuesday Group have started on the painting scraping and general fixing up of ‘Abel Tasman’ built by Reg Fazakerly. Read more about her here.
  • Boat Launch Day at the WBC
    Of course Murphy struck and the tide was out, but last Monday the mud was negotiated and 3 boats successfully floated: a piners punt, Bill’s canoe, and Jack’s parquetry kayak. Thanks to WBC for pics.
  • BIG Reminder: LBT Christmas Party this Monday 18th
    Come along around 6pm. Bring Christmas fare to share and/or something for the BBQ, drinks, and $10 for the pot and to pay for the music.
  • The year at the Wooden Boat Centre
    Anne Holst (the prez) has sent us this summary.
  • What a Monday night dinner
    David Hume, Kevin, Sandra and Ryan served up a beauty. Barbecued goat and wallaby! What a night. Don’t forget that next Monday is the CHRISTMAS PARTY. Come along with some Christmas fair to share and $10 to throw in the kitty for the music.
  • Calender as of Dec 13
    Here are the ‘special events’ which have been registered – does not include regulars such as Tuesday Group, Wednesday wood carving, skiff maintenance etc. The calendars can be accessed at any time here. A reminder that if you want to organise an excursion or expedition to go in this calender you should use this checklist.
  • It came from the deep
    Down by the rowing ways. Swimmers beware! The hand at risk belongs to Esteban Forster still (we think).
  • WBC Christmas Party 17th December
    From 4pm, with Paul Cullen catering, cost $10, RSVP. See flyer for details.
  • YUKON in Tasmania
    You will need to buy the January/February edition of Wooden Boat Magazine if you want to get the full version of <<this article>> from David Nash. ‘A former Danish trawler earns her way around the world. In 2008, my wife, Ea, and I, along with our sons, Kristopher and Aron (eight and five at the… Read more: YUKON in Tasmania
  • LBT Christmas Party 18th Dec
    Come along with some Christmas and BBQ fare and $10 for the kitty after 6pm. Terry Mead will be providing the music.
  • LBT Committee meeting 14th December
    There is an agenda being prepared here. Minutes for the last meeting can be viewed here. If there is business you want attended to send it in to the secretary:
  • Renovators delight
    If somebody wants a wooden boat restoration challenge here is a beauty: the ‘Zephyr’ commissioned as a 22 ton ‘gentleman’s yacht’ in 1873 and built in huon pine by Robert Playfair in Adelaide. Pick it up from the yard in Altona (Victoria). Thanks to Southern Wooden Boat Sailing for pointing this one out to us.
  • Community day postponed until February
    Everybody is too busy right now with Christmas and summer boaty activities, so this event, to be held in conjunction with the Wooden Boat Centre, has been pushed into the new year. More details to come.