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  • The further adventures of Jack de Crow
    For we Mirror Dinghy tragics, who need more after the original tale of Sandy Mackinnon’s voyage on Jack de Crow through the backwaters of England and the canals of Europe to the Black Sea, there is now a Jack de Crow II. Well, an aural one. Listen to it on ABC Conversations. Thanks to Ken… Read more: The further adventures of Jack de Crow
  • Menu for Monday night dinner
    Come along and find out! Kate is still sailing back from Port Davey, and is no doubt occupying herself by mining her recipe book for a tasty repaste.
  • Helpers wanted for Community Day Dec 17th
    In the past we have held very successful ‘open days’ (rowing, Nancy joy rides, BBQ, sailing, model boats etc) and this year it will be even better with the Wooden Boat Centre joining in. We do need LBT members to be involved (10.30pm to 3.30pm) to make this work: if you can help out please… Read more: Helpers wanted for Community Day Dec 17th
  • Peter Schimeld’s ‘instant’ canoe
    We had been hearing all sorts of stories from Peter, so earlier this week the Tuesday Group headed over to the Wooden Boat Centre to inspect. It was the second morning of the build and we were impressed. The previous morning the ‘canoe’ had just been two sheets of plywood: by early afternoon they had… Read more: Peter Schimeld’s ‘instant’ canoe
  • Sailing Fridays
    John Avery writes: Last Friday afternoon Martin and I took a couple of our Grebedinghies out for a delightful sail on the Huon. Quite sublime! Severaltimes our dinghies worked their way upwind in the sea breeze, across tothe island and back to the western shore, then ran back up-river andaround Kerrawin’s bow, arriving home as… Read more: Sailing Fridays
  • Scattering Dr Grahame Dudgeon’s ashes
    Some long time LBT members will remember Grahame who was a big supporter of the local wooden boat community and who died recently. His ashes are to be scattered from the Wooden Boat Centre wharf Saturday 9th December between 1.00-1.30pm.
  • Pics from the Pieman Expedition
    Thanks to Nell Tyson and Endra O’May for these. There are more in Rod Macfarlan’s Dropbox.
  • Picnic with Wooden Boat Guild
    This event is traditionally held under blue skies and in blazing sunshine, but the west coast expeditioners took all the good weather with them last week and forgot to bring it back. Those who made the trip up to Huonville still had and enjoyable time with the Guilders, with the usual eclectic mix of boats… Read more: Picnic with Wooden Boat Guild
  • Kettering Wooden Boat Rally Feb 2024
    From Friday 11th February to Sunday 13th Feb at Kettering Yacht Club. The Wooden Boat Guild writes: ‘Whether you are custodian of a much loved family dinghy, have just finished building your first kayak, are restoring a traditional Tassie cray boat, or are mad for sailing among other timber boats, this is your weekend to… Read more: Kettering Wooden Boat Rally Feb 2024
  • Pieman Expedition
    Photographs sent back suggest that the expeditioners have at least made it to their destination. Digital communications with the West Coast are spotty, so we may have to wait a while to find out any more.
  • Free excursion trip on Nancy Sunday Nov 26th
    As previously advertised, there are seats going on Nancy for the excursion with the Wooden Boat Guild to Huonville, leaving Franklin 10am. It is a great chance to get out on the water in a boat which has been part of the history of Tasmanian waterways for more than 100 years. Register your interest here.
  • Missing Yamaha motor
    If somebody sidles up to you at the pub with an offer of a cheap eight horsepower Yamaha motor please check the registration number. If it is 6N0-1035705 it is ours, and we want it back.
  • End of month BBQ and fillum coming up
    Seems like we had just finished licking our lips after the last BBQ. Bring something for the hotplate, something to share, something to drink, and $5 for the kitty. Fingers crossed that this warm weather continues so that we can enjoy the evening outside. That is after we have finished enjoying Warwick Amundsen presenting a… Read more: End of month BBQ and fillum coming up
  • Gretchen shows some bottom
    Phil and Des had her out competing with the Huon Yacht Club. We understand that they won the lee-boarder division. To quote from the Huon Yacht Club news: ‘Cutest boat and winner of the Shiraz, was the LBT’s Getchen demonstrating a surprising off wind propensity for speed; her lee boards raised like a milk-maid’s skirts,… Read more: Gretchen shows some bottom
  • Reminder: Cruise to Huonville, 26th November
    This coming Sunday. Row, sail, steam, motor, scull, paddle… you choose. It is the annual event organised by the Wooden Boat Guild. Mat Conboy writes: The fleet will be ready to set off from Franklin at 10am sharp on Sunday 26th November and head upstream to Huonville for lunch at the Huon Jet Boat Café/Restaurant…Trip… Read more: Reminder: Cruise to Huonville, 26th November
  • News from Mordialloc
    LBT friend and member Geoff Daniels has sent us the following pictures of the Mordialloc rowers in action. Mordyskiff decorated for a recent Open Day, with nour secret weapon ready for the Steamers Run [on the Gippsland Lakes early next year] Rowing on Albert park Lake with the Wooden Boat Assn members, with Melb in… Read more: News from Mordialloc
  • Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update
    Tom Stevens, who skippered the safety mothership Seaire on tn23, can’t wait until 2025 and tn25 for another expedition. He writes: As mentioned at recent LBT dinners I am looking to take Seaire for a 2 week summer outing up to Wineglass Bay in January 23 and am inviting any interested LBT members with larger… Read more: Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update
  • Menu for Monday night dinner Nov 20th
    John has given us some more details: see the menu below. Yum! Don’t forget to tell him you are coming by submitting your name through this form , sending an email to, or texting 04977 86572.
  • Minutes for November committee meeting
    Find them here.
  • Booking a boat and taking the Skiffs on an Expedition
    One of the best things about the LBT is how relaxed and informal we can afford to be. Mostly we can just sort things out as we go, but occasionally we have to get a bit organised so that we don’t end up with expectations not being met. For years we have had a a… Read more: Booking a boat and taking the Skiffs on an Expedition
  • Shed Security
    John Avery (who is around the Shed a lot) writes: A kind reminder to check that the LBT shed front door, back door androller door are locked if you are leaving, and no one else is around –just to ensure our LBT belongings are still there next time we want touse them. Thanks. If you… Read more: Shed Security
  • Coxswains and Motor Boat License Holders
    It would be very handy to know which of our local members hold these qualifications. Could you please let us know if you do by submitting your details on this form.
  • Monday night dinner Nov 20th: John’s back!
    John Pollard will be in charge of cooking the beef bourguignon, with a mystery sous chef providing the dessert. He’d like to know numbers, so please submit your name through this form.
  • If you are passing through South Oz…
    Dave Paget recommends the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum at Port Lincoln. As we recall, Dave was part of the team which won the Australian Bay Raider Championship conducted at Simpson’s Point last February. He was aboard Swiftsure for the Raid, and as a consequence was drawn to some of the whaler exhibits. He writes: ‘While… Read more: If you are passing through South Oz…
  • Sorting out rigging for the Grebes
    It hasn’t been done for years and it was all getting a bit tatty. Martin Riddle has been leading the charge. On Tuesday John Avery was busy helping him – swaging new shrouds.
  • LBT Calendar – what’s coming up
    The LBT calendars are always available on the website. Here is what is coming up in the near future.
  • Ken and Pam from Scotland
    One of the good things about having St Ayles Skiffs is that it puts us in touch with a much larger community – witness the advertised ‘Steamers Run’ row on the Gippsland Lakes coming up early next year. And we’ve just been visited by two Skiffies from Scotland who were keen to sample Monday night… Read more: Ken and Pam from Scotland
  • Where has Matt’s teak strap gone?
    Once there were two long, thin, drilled teak cover straps that Matt Goggarty was working on in the shed annex, and now there is one, tucked away on the shelves with all the celery planks. Anybody seen the missing one?
  • MAST Notice: Dru Point 14-16 November
    Mariners are advised that activities associated with the National Marine Pollution Exercise will be undertaken at the Dru Point Boat ramp and surrounding waters of North West Bay from Tuesday, 14 November 2023 to Thursday, 16 November 2023. During this time the northern side of the boat ramp will be used for the exercise, while… Read more: MAST Notice: Dru Point 14-16 November
  • A belated tn23 “report” from the Canadians
    Dale Simonson writes: I’m sorry it’s taken so long, I had most of this done ages ago and then stalled and life generally took over…but I’ve now completed a description of my experience as a participant in the tn23. I’m sure  most people will find it a bit lengthy, but I imagined an audience of… Read more: A belated tn23 “report” from the Canadians
  • Franklin – Rowing Regatta 11th-12th Nov
    MAST have posted the following. M389-23 Huon River, Franklin – Rowing Regatta. Mariners are advised a rowing regatta will be held on the Huon River, Franklin on Saturday, 11 November 2023 and Sunday, 12 November 2023 between 0800 – 1700 hours. Mariners are advised to transit the area with caution and avoid interfering with the… Read more: Franklin – Rowing Regatta 11th-12th Nov
  • Sailing at Port Huon
    Port Huon Yacht Club have sent us the sailing program attached below. Looks like fun, and if you don’t have a boat of your own we would suggest getting in contact with the club as there may well be opportunities to crew with another Club member.
  • Expedition brains trust
    There are two expeditions headed off to row the Gordon and Pieman Rivers on the west coast later in the month. The Pieman rowers brains trust met on Monday evening to nut out the logistics.
  • Getting the Grebes ready for the sailing season.
    Martin Riddle is going through the sails and rigging, fixing broken jaws, and checking for missing pulley blocks. If you have some spare pulley blocks please pass them on. There is also work being done on the boats: Steve is getting Five Bells up to scratch. There should be social sailing to join the social… Read more: Getting the Grebes ready for the sailing season.
  • Monday night Curry November 13
    That’s right: get out the recipe book and find something different in the way of Indian cooking to share for next Monday night’s dinner. LBT will supply the rice. As usual BYO drinks, and $5 for the pot. If you would like to cook in future please enter the details on this form.
  • Keeping the Shed nice
    Every so often we send out a (gentle) reminder that there is an extra onus on cleaning up a Community Shed such as ours. This is another one. At home we can wallow in the squalor and disorganisation of our kitchens and workshops ‘cos that’s the way we like it and it doesn’t affect anybody… Read more: Keeping the Shed nice
  • Make your Christmas presents
    Want to know how? Liz Lord points us to the courses coming up at the Wooden Boat Centre, where you can make plaited mats, stools and occasional tables, fish landing nets and paddles. See the details here. Alternatively you could go the retail route through the WBC shop. Wander over and have a look: there… Read more: Make your Christmas presents
  • Cruise to Huonville, 26th November
    Row, sail, steam, motor, scull, paddle… you choose. It is the annual event organised by the Wooden Boat Guild. Mat Conboy writes: The fleet will be ready to set off from Franklin at 10am sharp on Sunday 26th November and head upstream to Huonville for lunch at the Huon Jet Boat Café/Restaurant…Trip leader is Mat… Read more: Cruise to Huonville, 26th November
  • Friday Sunset Rowing
    What better way to start the weekend than on the water. Bring your partner or your friends and we can row into the sunset. This Friday at 5pm. Following our rowing with drinks and nibbles, please bring your own.  Want to know more, contact Lorrie:
  • Come Rowing!
    Longer daylight hours and now the weather is improving, time to come rowing. See below for the various times available: Poster by Cheryl
  • Testing and tagging
    That time of year when our electrical equipment gets checked and certified has rolled around again, and again we haven’t had to worry about it because Tom Stevens and Jim have taken responsibility. Thanks chaps, it is really appreciated.
  • The Return of Kate
    Kate Hoorweg is back to cook next Monday night’s dinner. Yay! See you there.
  • Lunchtime talk Nov 17th: Bridgewater Bridge
    Catch it at the Maritime Museum. DATE: Tuesday November 7, 202312:00pm, Royal Society Room, TMAG(Enter through the Davey Street entrance) Presented by Kevin Bourne, Deputy Project Director of the New Bridgewater Bridge Project. Building a new Bridgewater Bridge is Tasmania’s largest ever transport infrastructure project. The existing Bridgewater Bridge was built in 1946 and is the fourth bridge… Read more: Lunchtime talk Nov 17th: Bridgewater Bridge
  • 2024 Clinker Dinghy Program
    The Wooden Boat Centre writes: ‘This is a unique opportunity to learn the craft of traditional wooden boat building using rare Tasmanian boatbuilding timbers. We offer a Tasmanian design by one of our local wooden boatbuilding legends – either Bill Foster or Adrian Dean.’ Find more information here.
  • Strontrace
    They are a straightforward people the Dutch, liable to call a spade a spade. Our old friend Bert van Baar (supervised the Dutch dinghy build over at the Wooden Boat Centre for the 2017 Festival) sent us ‘a video of a “shit-race” organised in Holland to commemorate the early Cow-shit transports from Friesland to Holland… Read more: Strontrace
  • Thelma and Louise at the Palais Sunday Nov 5th
    It’s the classic movie of the month. Doors open, film starts, admission $5, bar open, bring a plate to share. For other events at the Palais see the calendar below.
  • Latest from the Oz Wooden Boat Festival
    Their latest newsletter features Read all about it here.
  • Psst. David Nash in Wooden Boat Mag
    Watch out for the January edition. We assume that sailing Yukon home to Stryno (Denmark) will be the theme. Pic below of Yukon on one of her regular trips to Port Davey is from Peter Marmion’s ‘Hidden Worlds’. It is a reminder, to those of us who were lucky enough to make the journey, what… Read more: Psst. David Nash in Wooden Boat Mag
  • Denmark Classic Boat Show
    That would be Denmark Western Australia, not the land of Vikings and bad weather way up in the other hemisphere. Dave Cliff writes: Hi all Peter Kovesi and I have populated a gallery of photos of the Denmark Classic Boat Show on September 24th 2023 and sailing on the Wilson Inlet from the day before.… Read more: Denmark Classic Boat Show
  • Men’s Shed Event at Mienna 10th November
    We did advertise this a while ago, but it bears repeating. These events are often a lot of fun, and this one might be a good excuse to venture into the wilds of central Tas. Note that despite the name it is not gender specific: many Sheds are ‘Community’, just like ours. Wendy Kennedy writes:… Read more: Men’s Shed Event at Mienna 10th November
  • End of month Monday night BBQ coming up
    Daylight saving heralds an even better season for our Barbecue – maybe we can set up to eat outside. It’s a bring your own everything – something for the griddle for yourself and a course to share, plus $5 for gas etc.
  • Insurance
    We are in the process of paying our insurances, which is a good time to remind ourselves of what we are covered for and what we are not. This has not changed in recent years, so what follows is simply a rehash of the same notice we have issued in the past – if you… Read more: Insurance
  • LBT Committee and subcommittees
    The new committee has had its first post-AGM meeting and you can read the minutes for the business that was dealt with. This is a good time to remember that there is a description of the committee and its functions on the website here. On this page is a list of subcommittees, which are as… Read more: LBT Committee and subcommittees
  • Tawe Nunnugah 23: the view from ‘Derry’
    One of the smallest boats in the TN 23 fleet was ‘Derry’, sailed by Garry Hardy. We have already seen his video, which painted a very vivid picture of his Raid, although as he said he ‘was too busy hanging to record the really exciting bits‘. Now he has had an article published in the… Read more: Tawe Nunnugah 23: the view from ‘Derry’
  • Presentation by Peter Marmion
    On Monday night we were looking forward to hearing some expert opinions and entertaining stories about south-west Tasmania from Peter, who has spent a good deal of the last forty years traveling, volunteering and working down there. We got that, but what we also unexpectedly got was a breathtaking slideshow of photos culled from Peter’s… Read more: Presentation by Peter Marmion
  • Draft Minutes for Committee Meeting 19th Oct
    Read them here. If you want to know more about the new committee and its functioning see the committee web page.
  • Visitor to the Shed
    Last Friday we had a visit from Ian Worthington, nephew of Graham Wright. For those who didn’t know him, Graham was, until he passed away, a valued friend and member of our Tuesday Group. Ian writes: Dear members of Franklin Living Boat Trust, I am indebted to those of you who took time to meet… Read more: Visitor to the Shed
  • Monday night bring your own Oct 23
    LBT will supply the pasta: just bring the sauces, vegetables, meatballs, oysters, dessert, dessert oysters and whatever else you like to have (and to share) with your spag. BYO drinks. If you want to cook a meal in future enter the details here.
  • Rowing Regatta on River 21-22 0ct
    Be careful if you are out on the river this weekend – if the weather doesn’t discourage you from going out at all. Pics from
  • Huon Valley Council Land Use Strategy
    The Draft Land Use and Development Strategy is now open, all the information and a feedback form can be found at Draft Huon Valley Land Use and Development Strategy – Huon Valley Council There is a drop is session to discuss this at the Palais on Tuesday 7th November, 2-4pm. This is a very large… Read more: Huon Valley Council Land Use Strategy
  • ‘Afloat’ Magazine
    Always worth scanning Afloat Magazine for references to the LBT. The lynx-eyed Peter Laidlaw spotted Queensland LBT member John Walduck in the correspondence column of the most recent edition. Looks like John is wearing his LBT shirt.
  • LBT Committee Meeting October 19th
    There is an agenda being prepared here. Minutes to the September meeting can be found here. If there is any business you want attended email the details to the secretary:
  • Peter Marmion pre-dinner talk Monday 23rd, 6.15pm
    The Living Boat Trust has had a long association with Peter, which was particularly fruitful in the years when he was headmaster of Franklin Primary and heavily involved in the ‘on the water’ program. Pete is also a great naturalist and geographer, working as a guide around Port Davey, contributing to publications such as ‘Mapping… Read more: Peter Marmion pre-dinner talk Monday 23rd, 6.15pm
  • Monday night cooking
    We are trying to get a bit more organised. If you would like to cook on a Monday night please enter your details on the form here. There are paper forms in the Shed. You can also add a date for cooking through through the LBT Calendars web page.
  • Tasmanian Ocean Summit, on Friday 17 November
    Looks like it could of interest to we nautical types: ‘The Australia Institute is hosting the second Tasmanian Ocean Summit, on Friday 17 November 2023, at Spring Bay Mill, Triabunna. The Summit will bring together representatives from across Tasmania’s marine sectors, scientists, economists, management experts and Tasmanian Aboriginal communities. Join us for a compelling program… Read more: Tasmanian Ocean Summit, on Friday 17 November
  • Whetstone
    Peter Laidlaw tested the whetstone donated by Dennis Muscovich and set up by Des, and pronounced it a beautiful thing. No excuses for blunt tools in the workshop from now on. Thanks Dennis and Des.
  • Getting ready for the sailing season on Tuesday
    As always the Shed was a hive of activity on Tuesday, with the added encouragement of daylight saving and good weather. Bob and Paul were making sure that Nancy is ship-shape for the Seniors next week. Peter, Des and Phil were putting the final touches to Rowan before she goes back in the water. Lots… Read more: Getting ready for the sailing season on Tuesday
  • Monday night dinner 16th October
    Sandra Robson is cooking. Silverside with roast vegetables, dessert apple and blackberry pie with cream and ice cream. Vego option to be decided.  PLEASE BOOK IN HERE.
  • Curry Night Monday 9th
    Here is the challenge: can our potluck curry dinner match Seth’s pizzas? Probably not, but let’s give it a go. Bring your culinary contributions and $5 for the pot after 6pm.
  • 5 Miles from Home Challenge
    This international virtual rowing event grew out of the movement restrictions imposed during the Covid outbreak. Crews from all over the globe can participate in virtual rowing on their home waters at any time during a set four-day window, record their results on a sat nav app and feel like they are rowing with other… Read more: 5 Miles from Home Challenge
  • Men’s Shed Gathering November 10th
    Read all the news from the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association here. Included is a link to the Spring Newsletter, well worth a read to find out the many and varied projects that different Sheds are up to. Also included is an invitation and RSVP address for a get together at the Miena Shed on November… Read more: Men’s Shed Gathering November 10th
  • Stocking filler
    Andrew Wilson has his ‘Classic Wooden Boats’ calendar for 2024 available. Get it here.
  • Tas Marine Radio at the LBT
    Most of us who have taken boats out in Tasmanian waters are at least vaguely aware that channel 16 is constantly monitored, and that when the engine gives out on a lee shore and if all else fails we can give that a go, even if the hows and the whys are beyond us. On… Read more: Tas Marine Radio at the LBT
  • Van Diemen’s Band coming to Palais Friday 20th October
    If your taste runs to classical music this could be a good one to put in the diary. Find details (including booking) here.
  • Steve Gadd book launch Saturday November 25th
    Steve Gadd is celebrating the launch of his novel ‘The Gentle Care for Broken Things’ on Saturday November 25th at the Palais Theatre, Franklin, 2.00 pm. Live music with the readings, Bar open. Contributions to afternoon tea welcome. Open to public. If your diary is full that day then no excuses: go up to the… Read more: Steve Gadd book launch Saturday November 25th
  • Franklin river front town history
    Carol Cane of the Franklin History Group has written A short ‘history’ of the growth of the Franklin township, ‘which relied on water transport almost completely until the development of the road links to Hobart enabled by bridging the river at ‘Huonville’ in the 1870s’. Read it here. Old pic below (from the article) shows… Read more: Franklin river front town history
  • Deck hands for Nancy during Seniors Week (16-22nd October)
    Every year Nancy is booked out for Seniors Week, and 2023 looks like being no exception. All we need is crew to run her. We already have skippers (Brian Pain and Martin Riddle), shore support (Barbara Sharp), and Kevin Robson will be driving the rescue boat (should we need one). What we are short of… Read more: Deck hands for Nancy during Seniors Week (16-22nd October)
  • Monday night dinner October 2nd
    We are looking forward to pizzas prepared by Seth, and being served after 7.15pm The usual drill: bring $20, and please book so that we have an idea of numbers: complete the form here or text 04977 86572. Of course we are hoping you will be enjoying this dinner having first come along and listened… Read more: Monday night dinner October 2nd
  • Tuesday at the LBT
    The LBT was a hive of activity on Tuesday. Andy and Adam were fixing new anchor points for the pontoon. Bob Tubman was painting out Rowan. Bob Murphy was finishing off the painted floorboards for Rowan. Neil was working on Freya’s gunwhales. And the rest of us? We were busy getting Gretchen in the water… Read more: Tuesday at the LBT
  • Gretchen goes back on the water
    It’s been great to have Gretchen on the verandah so that we can admire her very slick paint job, but it was time to get her back in the water, and on Tuesday the deed was done. Kevin Robson orchestrated the block and tackles to hoist her off the ground, Max did the towing, many… Read more: Gretchen goes back on the water
  • Tas Marine Radio talk next Monday 2nd October
    Tas Marine Radio is a volunteer organisation which provides 24 hour radio coverage for all Tasmanian waters (channel 16 etc): a vital service that not many really understand. Brian Muir from this organisation will be giving a ‘before dinner’ talk at the LBT Shed 6pm next Monday. Put it in your diary. We have heard… Read more: Tas Marine Radio talk next Monday 2nd October
  • Wooden Boat Centre AGM
    Last Sunday the Wooden Boat Centre conducted their annual general meeting. Whilst we casual observers assumed that the focused activity and the large number of boats under repair and construction signified that all was well at the Centre, it was good to hear from treasurer Sonia Shimeld that the financials are ok too. Anne Holst… Read more: Wooden Boat Centre AGM
  • Letter from Kate Hoorweg
    Our cook Kate was shanghaied by Windward Bound – currently cruising the east coast of Australia. She wrote on the 16th of September: Time flies when you’re fun!! We are currently in Eden on Windeward Bound, departing with a full ship again on Tuesday bound for Devonport. The following and final leg of this amazing… Read more: Letter from Kate Hoorweg
  • Skiffs in Scotland
    Mike Dredge was recently in Scotland and saw Skiffs everywhere. He writes: Couple of photos, as threatened. Couldn’t get a photo of the ones we saw at Kirkwell (Orkneys) and Cullen – they were being used at the time. And I had to throw in the image of the Falkirk Wheel, which lifts / drops… Read more: Skiffs in Scotland
  • Moving oars
    Pip Stevenson writes: ‘Where there’s a wheel there’s a way. That’s a typo a but I think I like it. After resizing the handles of these oars (shown below) for old sailing friend David Miller and feeling like a ride, I thought why not?! Please note the amazing Rob Blackburn bungee clip which is holding… Read more: Moving oars
  • Monday Night Dinner; BBQ for the 25th September
    Time once again for the ritual of burnt offerings. Yes Monday Night Dinner will be a BBQ on the 25th September. As always please bring a little to share, salads and sweets never go astray. If you are coming you can always register >> here <<.
  • President Peter Laidlaw’s speech for the AGM 2023-24
    It has been said before that President Peters annual address at the Annual General Meeting is worth the price of admission. This was true this year as always as Peter drew whimsically from the worlds of fantasy, history and LBT accomplishments and from there dreamed a magical look to the future: LBT AGM – President’s… Read more: President Peter Laidlaw’s speech for the AGM 2023-24
  • AGM and Committee 2023-24
    The AGM and Committee 2023-24 for the LBT was held in the LBT Shed at 6.00 p.m. an Saturday last ( 16th. Sept 2023.) All positions on the Committee were declared vacant and the new committee was elected as follows: – It is noted that there are now twelve (12) members of the Committee as… Read more: AGM and Committee 2023-24
  • Grebes on Thursday?
    At the AGM on Saturday (16th Sept 2023) Steve Wilson has suggested that we consider having weekly afternoon sailing of the Grebes. – probably Thursday afternoons – starting mid to late October. if you are at all interested, please have a chat with Steve Wilson or any of the Committee members so we can gauge… Read more: Grebes on Thursday?
    More volunteers are required to help out with the maintenance of the St Ayles Skiffs. If you have any time you can give to work on the Skiffs, just a couple of hours a week or a month, on any day of the week. This will help to shorten the time the skiffs are out… Read more: WE NEED YOU
  • Monday Night Dinner by Tess and Adam
    We don’t know what it will be but it will surely be wonderful. Let us know if you are coming here (please note we have used the Monday night booking form for the Saturday 16th Sept AGM – just this once please note in the comments that your booking is for Mon 18th ) 🙂
  • Huon Yacht Club Open Day invite for the 7th October ’23
  • Last minute reminder: The LBT AGM for 2023-24 is on Saturday 16th Sept @ 6pm
    If you have forgotten then the post from back in 23 August 23 might be useful. All the docs and details are >> there! << Also the LBT will be covering the BBQ, but if you plan to bring nibbles, salads or sweets – please let us know when you book in here. See you… Read more: Last minute reminder: The LBT AGM for 2023-24 is on Saturday 16th Sept @ 6pm
  • Rope making at the LBT
    A couple of weeks ago Restoration Australia featured St Martin’s at Dunalley. As part of the job Barbara Frankel supervised the making a bell rope – on the LBT verandah. You can watch the action on ABC iView: it’s towards the end of this episode: series 5 episode seven.
  • Reminder – AGM 16th September @ 6pm
    Just a reminder that the AGM is coming up – 16th September at the LBT Shed @ 6pm. A BBQ will follow – the LBT will provide the meat/vegetarian and it would be appreciated if attendees can bring salad and perhaps sweets !
  • Office Tidy Up – free stuff!
    LBT Office tidy up – free stuff to give away The building to the south of the LBT shed is commonly referred to as the ‘Office’ although it hasn’t been used for that purpose for many years. Recently the Shed Futures sub-committee decided we should formalise its de facto function as a storage space. During… Read more: Office Tidy Up – free stuff!
  • Monday Dinner – Curry Pot Luck, 11 September
    Monday Dinner (11th September) will be a Pot Luck Curry night. Rice will be by Will and Tess (Puns will be free) Let us know if you plan to come and what you might bring. (so we can head off ten lamb currys) 🙂 >>click here <<
  • Maria Island January Adventure (a modest proposal!)
    Tom writes: Hi, LBT Adventurers, As mentioned at recent LBT dinners I am looking to take Seaire for a 2 week summer outing up to Wineglass Bay in January 23 and am inviting any interested LBT members with larger boats to join the excursion. We have a few boats already keen to join. Leaving approx.… Read more: Maria Island January Adventure (a modest proposal!)
  • Monday Night Dinner – Chicken Surprise (4th September)
    Monday nights dinner (4th September) will be a Chicken dish – a fine example of Mel and Ryans cooking. Desert will be brownies and cream. Vegetarians will be catered for. Please help the chef’s estimation by letting them know that you are coming and what your culinary preference is. >>Click here to go there<<
  • Nancy cruising
    On a rare sunny day this week, Franklin locals Robin and Anne together with their interstate visitors, enjoyed a Nancy cruise with lunch included. The trip was a prize won at an LBT event and, thanks to Barb Sharp who did the catering, was such a success that the Committee and the Nancy group are… Read more: Nancy cruising