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AED (Defibrillator)

Community groups in the Huon can borrow adefibrillator or AED (Automated External Defibrillator) from the Living Boat Trust to use at  their ownevents or excursions.  When someone has a cardiac arrest, each passing minute can decrease the chance of survival by 7% – 10%.  So early access to an AED is critical according to Ambulance Tasmania. 


In the Huon, community groups can often be in remote or in difficult to access places.  Having an AED machine with you will increase a person’s chances if they are far from an ambulance or medical care. The Living Boat Trust goes on boating expeditions to places only accessible by boat, and so understand the need to carry an AED, and know what to do. 


 The loanis free for the benefit of residents of the Huon Valley. However, a smalldonation is appreciated to help maintain the batteries, pads and this communityservice by the Living Boat Trust.

To book the AED:

  • Complete the short onlinetraining package available here
  • Fill out and submit the online form available here;
  • Or download, print, and complete the paper based form available here, and use the instructions on the form to submit it.

The Living Boat Trust thanks Ambulance Tasmaniafor the AED, and the Huon Valley Council for the special protective carry case.