Tawe Nunnugah 2023

tn23 Welcome Dinner, Franklin – Tuesday 31 January

tn23 Raid, Recherche Bay to Hobart – 1 to 10 February

Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Constitution Docks, Hobart – 10 to 13 February

RR23 Return Raid, Hobart to Franklin – 13 to 17 February

Up-date 22/11/23 – The 10-day tn23 Raid is full. Some places may become available if people with bookings have to withdraw. If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please contact us. Some places are still available for the 5-Day RR23 Return Raid, particularly for Camp Support volunteers. If you want to join us, follow Steps 1 to 3 (below left) or contact us directly on: info@tawe-nunnugah.org

Information & FAQs

How to sign-up for the Raid – Forms are used to get information from you. Links (in blue) will be added when each form is available

  • Step 1 – Join the mailing list to receive up-dates as we post them.
  • Step 2 – Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) – tell us about your boating experience, any special needs (dietary etc) and what you want to do on the Raid (e.g. use own boat, crew on LBT boat, sail, row, Camp Support volunteer etc).
  • Step 3 – Book using our on-line booking system. We will send an email with a link to the booking site after we have reviewed your EOI to ensure we can meet your needs for the Raid and, if bringing your own boat, whether it is suitable.
  • Step 4 – Pay the participation fee. The booking system will generate an invoice with instructions on how to pay.

Information for Participants

Links to information with be added once it is up-dated for tn23

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Links to FAQs will be added when they have been up-dated for tn23

Latest News

News Posts will be sent to everyone on the tn23 mailing list. If you miss a post, find it here.

  • tn23 – what boat is that?
    Photo-ID – you may not have needed to show it for a while, but we do want to see your boat’s photo-ID. If you are bringing a vessel on the Raid, whether it’s a sailing or rowing Raid boat, an accompanying yacht or a fast response safety boat, please send us a photograph of it…
  • tn23 – what to bring for camp
    We are being asked what people need to bring with them on the Raid. Later we will send out more details but for now it may help if we give a short summary of the domestic arrangements. We provide everything needed to have comfortable meals, including marquees, tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery and, most important…
  • tn23 – if you haven’t yet paid…
    Thank-you to all those who have already paid. The tn23 Raid is full and we have people on the waiting list. If you hold a booking but think it unlikely you will join us, please let us know so we can offer your place to someone else. While we encourage prompt payment, we can be…
  • tn23 – Route update
    We have posted a revised version of the Route map for tn23 on the tawe nunnugah web-site (https://livingboattrust.org.au/tawe-nunnugah-2023/). The main difference is that we no longer plan to camp at Randalls Bay/Eggs and Bacon Bay. This gives us a second day in reserve to sit out bad weather if needed. Alternatively, if the weather gods…
  • tn23 – Waiting-list started
    If you haven’t yet booked for tn23 or heard from me directly about your application, you are on the waiting list. After a strange couple of years, there is a huge pent-up desire to get out and do stuff. The response to our call for Expressions of Interest has been so great I’ve been concerned…
  • tn23 – AWBF applications close 14 October
    If you are bringing your own wooden boat for the tn23 Raid and want to moor it with the fleet of small Raid boats in Watermans Dock during the Australian Wooden Boat Festival you must submit an Expression of Interest to the AWBF by 14 October. The AWBF has extended the application period for our…
  • tn23 – the ‘small print’
    ‘Small-print’ is just a fact of life – we can’t get away from it even when enjoying ourselves messing around with small boats, but we can get it out of the way early. When you confirm your place on the Raid through our booking site you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read…
  • tn23 booking system opening soon
    Thank-you for your patience, we’ve had a great response to our call for Expressions of Interest and will open the booking system very soon. We will send the link to the booking system by email to the address you provided with your Expression of Interest. On the booking system you will be able to choose…
  • tn23 Mailing List teething problems
    Sometimes the wheels fall off….every two years when we go public with the latest Raid information we have to re-learn how to set-up the mailing list and send out information. You should now have received a tawe nunnugah News Post about volunteers but probably didn’t get the earlier one we posted about Expressions of Interest…
  • Volunteers for tn23
    The Raid happens every two years because of the volunteers who support it. If you are keen to be involved but don’t really fancy spending ten days on a small boat, please use the Expression of Interest form to let us know what you can do and when you are available.
  • tn23 Expressions of Interest now open
    If you are thinking about joining the 2023 tawe nunnugah Raid or Return Raid, either as a Participant on a boat or as Volunteer please complete an Expression of Interest. The EOI tells us a little about your boating experience, any special needs (dietary etc) and what you want to do on the Raid (such…
  • World Wide Classic Boat Show Feb 27
    It is the age of the virtual event, and Off Center Harbor are making this boaty contribution. To find out if you want to participate see the ‘about’ page: https://classicboatshow.com/about , which also has an offer of free tickets if you get in early. PS. Included in the show is a series of presentations on…

Maps, Videos etc

tn23 route – version posted 18/11/2022
tn Return Raid indicative route – details may change