Tawe Nunnugah 2023

tn23 Welcome Dinner, Franklin – Tuesday 31 January

tn23 Raid, Recherche Bay to Hobart – 1 to 10 February

Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Constitution Docks, Hobart – 10 to 13 February

RR23 Return Raid, Hobart to Franklin – 13 to 17 February

Up-date 22/11/23 – The 10-day tn23 Raid is full. Some places may become available if people with bookings have to withdraw. If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please contact us. Some places are still available for the 5-Day RR23 Return Raid, for on-water participants and Camp Support volunteers. If you want to join us, follow Steps 1 to 3 (below left) or contact us directly on: info@tawe-nunnugah.org

Information & FAQs

How to sign-up for the Raid – Forms are used to get information from you. Links (in blue) will be added when each form is available

  • Step 1 – Join the mailing list to receive up-dates as we post them.
  • Step 2 – Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) – tell us about your boating experience, any special needs (dietary etc) and what you want to do on the Raid (e.g. use own boat, crew on LBT boat, sail, row, Camp Support volunteer etc).
  • Step 3 – Book using our on-line booking system. We will send an email with a link to the booking site after we have reviewed your EOI to ensure we can meet your needs for the Raid and, if bringing your own boat, whether it is suitable.
  • Step 4 – Pay the participation fee. The booking system will generate an invoice with instructions on how to pay.

Information for Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Latest News

News Posts will be sent to everyone on the tn23 mailing list. If you miss a post, find it here.

  • If you are in the west…
    Martin and Kerryn Chambers will be talking about the Raid at the Fremantle Sailing Club on the 21st March. See the flyer below.
  • Do you recognise these outboard fuel tanks?
    They were left in the LBT shed at the end of the 2023 tawe nunnugah Raid. We don’t remember whether they were given to the LBT or just on loan. If you know anything about them, please contact us on: sec@lbt.org.au
  • Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update
    Tom Stevens, who skippered the safety mothership Seaire on tn23, can’t wait until 2025 and tn25 for another expedition. He writes: As mentioned at recent LBT dinners I am looking to take Seaire for a 2 week summer outing up to Wineglass Bay in January 23 and am inviting any interested LBT members with larger… Read more: Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update
  • If you are passing through South Oz…
    Dave Paget recommends the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum at Port Lincoln. As we recall, Dave was part of the team which won the Australian Bay Raider Championship conducted at Simpson’s Point last February. He was aboard Swiftsure for the Raid, and as a consequence was drawn to some of the whaler exhibits. He writes: ‘While… Read more: If you are passing through South Oz…
  • A belated tn23 “report” from the Canadians
    Dale Simonson writes: I’m sorry it’s taken so long, I had most of this done ages ago and then stalled and life generally took over…but I’ve now completed a description of my experience as a participant in the tn23. I’m sure  most people will find it a bit lengthy, but I imagined an audience of… Read more: A belated tn23 “report” from the Canadians
  • Tawe Nunnugah 23: the view from ‘Derry’
    One of the smallest boats in the TN 23 fleet was ‘Derry’, sailed by Garry Hardy. We have already seen his video, which painted a very vivid picture of his Raid, although as he said he ‘was too busy hanging to record the really exciting bits‘. Now he has had an article published in the… Read more: Tawe Nunnugah 23: the view from ‘Derry’
  • The tawe nunnmugah RAID 2023
    Well, the spelling isn’t quite right, but the rest of this article at traditionalsailbluewing.substack.com about Tawe Nunnugah is (mostly): read it here. ‘The 2023 RAID comes across as a Master Class on Logistics and Planning. These Aussie dinghy people, call the Tassies or Taswegians, are clearly serious sailors. To me they are the modern-day inheritors… Read more: The tawe nunnmugah RAID 2023
  • Raid Paintings
    Tom Stephens writes: ‘Bronwyn from the Jetty house is working on finishing two paintings from the Raid visit at Southport. Looks like “Beachmaster talking with one of the boat skippers, with Swiftsure, Capricornia and Imagine in various stage of being beached or launched”.’
  • Return Raid sail past
    Martin Kell lives on the river downstream from Franklin, and set up his video camera to film the boats coming past on the final day – see https://youtu.be/Hv1SwlVeR24
  • Tawe Nunnugah hasn’t finished for everybody
    Rob Blackburn is still in the thick of reconciling the bar tabs. The accounts should be out shortly.
  • More Tawe Nunnagah reports
    Tawe Nunnugah participants shared news, questions and gossip and photos on WhatsApp, Tom Stevens has gathered all this together here, or go straight to the pics here. If you subscribe to the Wooden Boat Association’s newsletter ‘Shavings’ you may already have read Jim Stockton’s account of his participation in the Raid. If not you can… Read more: More Tawe Nunnagah reports
  • Borrowed for Tawe Nunnugah?
    The equipment in the Grebes is being made ready for the On the Water program, and one anchor can’t be spotted. Could be a case of domestic blindness, or it may have gone in another boat. Any clues gratefully received: post to sec@lbt.org.au.
  • Missed the 2023 Tawe Nunnugah?
    We know, we know, it hurts. If you want to make yourself feel even worse by hearing about and seeing what a glorious time the participants had there are various accounts coming in. One is from Martin Chambers and can be found in ‘Southern Wooden Boat Sailing’ here. Despite the name of the publication, Martin… Read more: Missed the 2023 Tawe Nunnugah?
  • Tawe Nunnugah 23 survey and evaluation
    The WhatsApp group has been a great resource for the sharing of information and opinions, but It would be very useful to the LBT Committee for the planning of future events if participants in TN23 (both those on the water and on the land) could provide this information in a succinct and structured way. If… Read more: Tawe Nunnugah 23 survey and evaluation
  • tn23 – coming home to Franklin
    The Return Raid is nearly home and will be coming ashore in Franklin on Friday 17 Feb, probably later in the afternoon. If you were on the 10-day tn23 Raid, have friends on the Raid, have been involved in previous Raids or just like and support what the Living Boat Trust does – please come… Read more: tn23 – coming home to Franklin
  • tn23 – Return Raid latest list
    Hope you are enjoying the festival. I’ve up-dated the Return Raid participants list based on the latest information available to me – it should be available to see here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pkfVkVc4VRFMKnO50ztjs8m1PSUIAf2r/view?usp=share_link
  • tn23 – The Return Raid RR23
    If you are doing the Return Raid and weren’t on the 10-day tn23 you’re probably wondering what’s going on and why I’ve gone quiet over the past two weeks. Well, we’ve been a little distracted with tn23 but now our focus is on the Return Raid. My participant list for the Return Raid is sitting… Read more: tn23 – The Return Raid RR23
  • tn23 – join the tn23 Whatsapp group
    Tom Stevens has created a tn23 Whatsapp group and sent a link for joining. The link only works if you click on the link using a device (phone??) that has Whatsapp installed: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GxrElSLDtq4FuupEvaRSfV
  • tn23 – things not to bring on the Raid
    If you have bought new gear for the Raid, please don’t bring the packaging with you – get rid of it before the start so it doesn’t add to the rubbish we have to get carry out. Don’t feel you need to bring your own wine cellar – we run an ‘Honesty bar’ from a… Read more: tn23 – things not to bring on the Raid
  • tn23 – Raid Welcome event at the AWBF
    The mayhem of the Parade of Sails and the milling crowds at the largest wooden boat festival in the Southern Hemisphere can be a bit of a shock after the peace and tranquillity of the Raid. To help you ease back into normal life we’ve organised a Raid Welcome event at the AWBF. In previous… Read more: tn23 – Raid Welcome event at the AWBF
  • tn23– Mooring small Raid boats in Watermans Dock at AWBF
    If you are skippering a Raid boat that is registered for the wooden boat festival, make sure you have read the AWBF Boat Owner Manual and are familiar with the Docking Plan sent out by the festival organisers. This year the organisers plan for the small Raid boats in Watermans Dock to be moored ‘Mediterranean… Read more: tn23– Mooring small Raid boats in Watermans Dock at AWBF
  • tn23 – Important last minute stuff
    If you’ve done past Raids, don’t assume everything will be exactly as before. Here are a few important things that may have changed. 1) Recherche Bay – we are now too big to camp in the National Park area at Cockle Creek. Our first camp will be at Moss Glen at the entry to Pigsties… Read more: tn23 – Important last minute stuff
  • Monty gets a work out
    After a long Covid caused absence Roger Sly was finally able to bring the Hobart Sea Cadets down for their annual sail on the Huon in Monty. For those who don’t know Monty was one of several Montague Whalers used by the Navy for training cadets over many years, and she is the only one… Read more: Monty gets a work out
  • Rigging Capricornia
    Capricornia has been on the hard having numerous little jobs done on her. On Tuesday she was ready to come out from under the marquee and have her mast erected by Piet Lunstedt and the team. She is ready for sailing.
  • More Tawe Nunnugah preparations
    Rod Macfarlan is inducting the land support team into the mysteries of taking credit card payments. The combined brain power shown in the pic below busted the foo-foo valve in our intelometer.
  • Preparing for Tawe Nunnugah
    It isn’t all sails and oars: Kate Hoorweg and the kitchen crew are hard at work laying in provisions for the expedition. Looks better than salt beef and weevily biscuits. See pic below, of which Kate writes: ‘Robyn and Ninka hard at work with Tawe Nunnugah prep – local organiic cherries galore, and donated! A… Read more: Preparing for Tawe Nunnugah
  • Preparing for Tawe Nunnugah
    On Sunday morning, whilst most of us were still consuming our morning coffee and drowsily contemplating the rest of the day, Steve and Jack were laying the new floorboards in Monty. The pressure is on!
  • tn23 – plan for a capsize
    We don’t wish to alarm you but every year we have at least one boat capsize during the Raid. Chances are it won’t be you – but it might be. You should prepare yourself, your crew and the boat just in case. Everything you might need after a capsize should be tied in, otherwise it… Read more: tn23 – plan for a capsize
  • tn23 – Arriving in Franklin and the Welcome Dinner
    The Raid is almost upon us and activity at the shed is really ramping up. If you are in the vicinity of the LBT and wish to help, please come to the shed, introduce yourself and roll-up your sleeves. We leave for Recherche Bay on Wednesday 1 February, but the period 26-31 January will be… Read more: tn23 – Arriving in Franklin and the Welcome Dinner
  • tn23  – Where’s the goat? Where’s the cabbage?
    Getting everyone to the start of the Raid at Recherche Bay and returning all vehicles and trailers not needed for camp support to Franklin is a logistics juggling act but always works out if everyone works together. A few simple rules help it happen: 1) No vehicle should leave Franklin or Recherche with empty seats… Read more: tn23  – Where’s the goat? Where’s the cabbage?
  • tn23  – Info Exchange open for business
    The tn Raid organisers don’t have all the answers – so the tn23 Info Exchange has been set up to enable participants to help each other. Do you have questions that only experience can answer? Do you have information you want to share? Do you need assistance with anything to do with the Raid? Can… Read more: tn23  – Info Exchange open for business
  • tn23 – what stuff should I bring?
    If you’ve done the Raid before, or even read the FAQs, you’ll know all this – but it bears repeating because I’m still being asked whether we supply tents (we don’t). You NEED to bring a tent, sleeping gear (bag, mat, pillow), spare clothes, toiletries, water bottle and lunch box (the world already has enough… Read more: tn23 – what stuff should I bring?
  • tn23 – Navigation, charts and chart plotters
    The Raid is essentially a cruise in company but that doesn’t mean you should rely on everyone else to know where you are, where you are going and what not to run into on the way. If you are bringing your own Raid boat you should have chart information covering the entire route but a… Read more: tn23 – Navigation, charts and chart plotters
  • tn23– Safety equipment and much more
    We all forget something – it’s just a fact of life, but here in Franklin it’s not a disaster. The local chandler, Franklin Marine, is very well stocked and within 75m of the LBT shed. If you need something he doesn’t have in stock, Ian has agreed to do a run into his supplier on… Read more: tn23– Safety equipment and much more
  • tn23 – VHF radios
    All boats in the Raid fleet must carry a VHF radio. The person in charge of a vessel must ensure that anyone using the radio on their boat knows how to operate it and is familiar with basic marine radio operating procedures. Capsize is always possible on the smaller raid-boats so the radio should be… Read more: tn23 – VHF radios
  • tn23 – please bring your life jacket
    The LBT does not have enough life jackets for everyone on the Raid – if you have one, please bring it. From 1 January 2021, all life jackets in Tasmania on recreational boats must be approved to AS4758 and for the Raid we are required to use Level 100 or greater, approved for Sheltered and… Read more: tn23 – please bring your life jacket
  • tn23 – Everyone on the Raid MUST be an LBT member
    You must be a member of the LBT to participate in the Raid whether you are helping with camp support, operating the safety boats, providing on-water support in the mothership or one of the other accompanying yachts, sailing or rowing on your own boat or on one of the LBT boats. This is because the… Read more: tn23 – Everyone on the Raid MUST be an LBT member
  • tn23 – Boat safety equipment
    If you are bringing your own boat on the Raid now is a good time to be checking your safety equipment. The first few days of the Raid will be in waters classified by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) as ‘Sheltered Waters’ – if you don’t venture too far out to sea. North of Dover… Read more: tn23 – Boat safety equipment
  • tn23 – Safety Management Plan and Risk Register
    The Living Boat Trust has been organising small boat expeditions since before the first tawe nunnugah Raid in 2007. Over the years we have developed procedures for reducing the risks of voyaging in small vessels in remote locations. Of course, the safety procedures are of little value unless everyone involved is familiar with them. Please… Read more: tn23 – Safety Management Plan and Risk Register
  • tn23 – what boat is that?
    Photo-ID – you may not have needed to show it for a while, but we do want to see your boat’s photo-ID. If you are bringing a vessel on the Raid, whether it’s a sailing or rowing Raid boat, an accompanying yacht or a fast response safety boat, please send us a photograph of it… Read more: tn23 – what boat is that?
  • tn23 – what to bring for camp
    We are being asked what people need to bring with them on the Raid. Later we will send out more details but for now it may help if we give a short summary of the domestic arrangements. We provide everything needed to have comfortable meals, including marquees, tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery and, most important… Read more: tn23 – what to bring for camp
  • tn23 – if you haven’t yet paid…
    Thank-you to all those who have already paid. The tn23 Raid is full and we have people on the waiting list. If you hold a booking but think it unlikely you will join us, please let us know so we can offer your place to someone else. While we encourage prompt payment, we can be… Read more: tn23 – if you haven’t yet paid…
  • tn23 – Route update
    We have posted a revised version of the Route map for tn23 on the tawe nunnugah web-site (https://livingboattrust.org.au/tawe-nunnugah-2023/). The main difference is that we no longer plan to camp at Randalls Bay/Eggs and Bacon Bay. This gives us a second day in reserve to sit out bad weather if needed. Alternatively, if the weather gods… Read more: tn23 – Route update
  • tn23 – Waiting-list started
    If you haven’t yet booked for tn23 or heard from me directly about your application, you are on the waiting list. After a strange couple of years, there is a huge pent-up desire to get out and do stuff. The response to our call for Expressions of Interest has been so great I’ve been concerned… Read more: tn23 – Waiting-list started
  • tn23 – AWBF applications close 14 October
    If you are bringing your own wooden boat for the tn23 Raid and want to moor it with the fleet of small Raid boats in Watermans Dock during the Australian Wooden Boat Festival you must submit an Expression of Interest to the AWBF by 14 October. The AWBF has extended the application period for our… Read more: tn23 – AWBF applications close 14 October
  • tn23 – the ‘small print’
    ‘Small-print’ is just a fact of life – we can’t get away from it even when enjoying ourselves messing around with small boats, but we can get it out of the way early. When you confirm your place on the Raid through our booking site you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read… Read more: tn23 – the ‘small print’
  • tn23 booking system opening soon
    Thank-you for your patience, we’ve had a great response to our call for Expressions of Interest and will open the booking system very soon. We will send the link to the booking system by email to the address you provided with your Expression of Interest. On the booking system you will be able to choose… Read more: tn23 booking system opening soon
  • tn23 Mailing List teething problems
    Sometimes the wheels fall off….every two years when we go public with the latest Raid information we have to re-learn how to set-up the mailing list and send out information. You should now have received a tawe nunnugah News Post about volunteers but probably didn’t get the earlier one we posted about Expressions of Interest… Read more: tn23 Mailing List teething problems
  • Volunteers for tn23
    The Raid happens every two years because of the volunteers who support it. If you are keen to be involved but don’t really fancy spending ten days on a small boat, please use the Expression of Interest form to let us know what you can do and when you are available.
  • tn23 Expressions of Interest now open
    If you are thinking about joining the 2023 tawe nunnugah Raid or Return Raid, either as a Participant on a boat or as Volunteer please complete an Expression of Interest. The EOI tells us a little about your boating experience, any special needs (dietary etc) and what you want to do on the Raid (such… Read more: tn23 Expressions of Interest now open
  • World Wide Classic Boat Show Feb 27
    It is the age of the virtual event, and Off Center Harbor are making this boaty contribution. To find out if you want to participate see the ‘about’ page: https://classicboatshow.com/about , which also has an offer of free tickets if you get in early. PS. Included in the show is a series of presentations on… Read more: World Wide Classic Boat Show Feb 27

Maps, Videos etc

tn23 route – version posted 18/11/2022
tn Return Raid indicative route – details may change