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Franklin is a town perched on the banks of the Huon River in southeast Tasmania, 8 km south of Huonville via the Huon Highway (or Huon River). 100 years ago, when this area was under thick and tall rainforest down to the water’s edge, it was the head of the navigable river and was one of the larger town in Tasmania, a busy port exporting timber and agricultural produce (those famous apples) to the world. Since roads were pushed through the forest and gullies, and especially since the bridge was built at Huonville, the town has been in decline, but steadfastly refuses to die.  Its history is fiercely protected by residents and it still has the charm of a bygone age.

Of course the best way to view Franklin is from the water – just look at the accompanying photo.  If you join the LBT you gain access to a fleet of vessels so that you can do exactly that!

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Franklin TAS 7113

Franklin TAS 7113