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Our Shed

The hub of our activities is our shed, donated by the Forestry Department, and since improved with the addition of a verandah, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and changing room.  In the picture below our shed is the one in the foreground, with a collection of boats scattered artistically on our lawn.  To the left, the Huon River meanders its way to the sea; to the right the Huon Highway is the main street of Franklin township.  In the background is an old apple processing factory which, it is hoped, will be transformed into the ‘Franklin Working Waterfront’.

Our shed is the home for an extensive collection of tools, sailing and rowing gear, marquees, BBQ’s, trailers and all the other paraphernalia accumulated by an active community and maritime organisation such as we are.  It is also the home of good company, good talk, good work and good food – the last being especially true every Monday evening when we host our dinners.

(Photograph Dave Pittaway)

Photograph Dave Melville

Photograph Graham Rankin