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How do I become part of the Raid? – up-date 15/09/16

Added 15/09/2016 – Response to the call for Expressions of Interest to participate in the 2017 tawe nunnugah Raid has been outstanding. We have already reached our limit for number of participants and any new EOIs received from now on will go on a Reserve List. For more information go to FAQ What happens to my application if I am on the Reserve List? at: following information outlines the general process for joining the Raid.The tn17 Raid is from 1-10 February, 2017. The small boatsailing/rowing expedition leaves from Recherche Bay, on the doorstep ofTasmania’s southwest wilderness and arrives ten days later in time to join thesail past at the start of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

The Raid costs $120 per person per night or $1080 for thefull 10 days. Preference is given to those electing to do the whole Raid. The cost covers provision of safety boats, land support and catering.The Raid is fully catered with a dedicated chef providing breakfast, lunch anddinner. The only additional costs are alcohol or soft drinks along the way. Participantsbring their own tent and bedding which is carried by road betweensites so it does not clutter the small boats. Many of the camps sites are on private land and are not otherwise accessible.

Step 1- Enter an Expression of Interest. An EOI is requiredfor each person doing the Raid. This provides us with the essential informationwe need to contact you and to ensure your preferences are met where possible.On the EOI you tell us whether you wish to bring your own boat or secure aplace on one of the Living Boat Trust’s fleet of expedition boats.

Step 2 – If you wish to bring your own boat, enter a BoatRegistration. This provides us with the information we need to assess whetheryour boat is suitable for the conditions we are likely to meet during the Raid.If you don’t have a boat of your own – don’t worry, the Living Boat Trust has afleet of expedition boats and you will have told us on your EOI that you want aplace on one of these.

Step 3 – If you plan to bring your own boat and would likeit to be exhibited on the water at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival with therest of the tawe nunnugah fleet then you need to register an Expression ofInterest with the AWBF. If accepted you will pay a fee to be part of theAWBF.

Step 4 – This bit’s up to us. We let you know whether yourExpression of Interest and/or Boat Registration has been accepted, send you aninvoice and tell you how to pay. We haven’t done this yet.

Step 5 – You pay the Living Boat Trust, preferably byElectronic Funds Transfer.

Step 6 – We provide you with all the other information youneed to have a safe and enjoyable Raid. Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselveshere but you get my drift. Keep checking the LBT web-site for further up-dates and ‘like’ our Facebook page (ask a teenager).

You need to know that participants are expectedto muck in and help around the camps – this is how we keep our costs down. Therewill be limited opportunities for doing the Raid at a reduced fee. To qualifyfor the reduced charge you will be required to take responsibility foradditional support tasks that for several days will take you away from sailingor rowing as part of the tn17 fleet. Tasks may include cleaning Portaloos,being a dedicated kitchen hand, driving vehicles, moving camp, on-the-watersafety support etc.  If we areoversubscribed, people electing upfront to pay the full fee will have priority,so this is the option to choose if you wish to be certain about securing aplace on tn17. Opportunities for the reduced fee are limited and will beallocated down the track by the organising committee to people taking responsibilitiesfor specific essential tasks – so there is a risk that you may miss out.