LBT Committee and subcommittees

The new committee has had its first post-AGM meeting and you can read the minutes for the business that was dealt with. This is a good time to remember that there is a description of the committee and its functions on the website here. On this page is a list of subcommittees, which are as follows.

  • Executive: Peter Laidlaw, Richard Forster, Rod Macfarlan, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck
  • Grants, Fund Raising: Andy, Rod Macfarlan, John Avery
  • Events: Endra, Jane Johnson (seconded), Peter Laidlaw
  • Nancy: Richard Forster, Martin Riddle, Steve Wilson (seconded)
  • OHS: Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Gary McDonald
  • Shed Futures: Rod Macfarlan, Jean Pierre Scheerlinch, Martin Riddle, Andy Ritchie, Ryan Myers
  • Tuesday and other shed work groups: Richard Forster, Martin Riddle, Jenny Avery
  • Rowing: Mike Hewitt, Barb Dawson (seconded), Dennis Muscovich (seconded),Lorrie Harrison (seconded), Mandy Whyatt (seconded), Jenny Avery, Neil Easson (seconded)
  • Communications:  Richard Forster, Rod Macfarlan, Gary McDonald
  • Sailing: Peter Laidlaw, Endra O’May,  John Avery, Phil Petterson (seconded)
  • Fleet Management:  Peter Laidlaw, Martin Riddle, John Avery
  • Foreshore Management: Richard Forster,  Andy Ritchie, Endra O’May, John Avery, David Pittaway (seconded)
  • On the Water Program: Endra O’May, Mike Dredge (seconded), Southerly Dolling (seconded)
  • Trailers: Ryan Myers
  • Vision and Strategy: Jen Avery, Rod Macfarlan, Martin Riddle, Richard Forster
  • Membership: Rod Macfarlan
  • Expeditions.
    • General: Martin Riddle, Jean Pierre Scheerlinck, Endra O’May, Peter Laidlaw
    • Tawe Nunnugah: Martin Riddle

As you can see some ordinary LBT members have already been seconded to do some work – if you want to dodge that then duck!