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tn21 – what gear to bring

There is no single right answer to this. However, the following lists are based on previous experience and will be helpful if you are standing surrounded by a pile of ball gowns, overalls, croquet sets, shorts and dinner jackets wondering which to leave behind.All your clothes and camping gear will travel by road not in your boat but as everything has to be loaded and unloaded each time we move camp we ask you to limit what you bring.

A maximum of 20-23 kgs including all your camping gear should be enough for anyone. Packing in two or more lighter bags is better than cramming everything in a very heavy single bag and hoping no-one will notice. Stuff you are bringing to Tasmania but don’t need during the Raid should be packed separately and left in Franklin. 

You will not need to bring camping chairs, plates, mugs or cutlery – all these are provided. There will be a marquee at each evening stop-over which could be used to dry clothing. Water will be available at every site but is limited. At some stopovers basic washing facilities will be available.

This was the list put out for tn19:

Sailing/Rowing Gear

1.       Basic wet weather gear or wet suit/dry suit if that’s your preference

2.       PFD 100/150

3.       2 Pairs Polypropylene or woollen thermal underwear – long sleeved top and long johns.

4.       Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper

5.       Sailing Boots or Wet Suit Booties or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet – you may have to wade ashore over oysters

6.       Beanie and Sunhat and Sunscreen

7.       Sunglasses

8.       Shorts or light-weight/quick drying long pants to keep the sun off

Evening Wear

1.       3 Warm long pants – evening camp

2.       3 Shirts / t-shirts – 3 recommended

3.       Socks – 3 pairs recommended

4.       Underwear  (Leave that up to you!)

5.       Lightweight footwear

6.       Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper or Light Rain Shell

Personal Gear

1.       Toiletries

2.       Towel or body chamois – light and quick to dry

3.       Swimming costume

4.       Water bottle – at least 1.5 litres

5.       Camera, small torch, binoculars

6.       Tent, sleeping bag and mat.

If you would like a female perspective, the following list is from a Raid-Regular from overseas – she has a reputation for packing light but wishes to remain anonymous


Rowing footwear with strong soles (oysters!)

Walking or trek shoes

(You might get away with the same pair for rowing / trekking)

Flip flops (because they don’t take up much room)

2 -3 x pairs of socks – to keep your feet warm at night or for trekking



1 pair of lightweight long trousers (which can be washed and dried quickly)

1 x cotton leggings (can be worn under shorts to keep legs warm)



2 x swimming shorts  (dry easily, also reduces the need for underwear!)

2 x campsite shorts



3 – 4 pairs (1 for wearing, 1 for washing / drying, 2 x spare)

Bikini tops (which also double as bras, ladies – or gents!)



Rowing tops, vests t shirts (lightweight fabric so wash / dry quickly)

2 x long sleeved tops (1 for wearing for sun protection / windproof when rowing, 1 for campsite at night)

1 lightweight fleece / jacket



1 x pac-a-mac waterproof jacket

1 x pac-a-mac waterproof trousers (good for warmth over shorts)



Sun hat

‘buff’ neckwarmer  (has a multiple of uses)


Additional clothing

2 x lightweight outfit for evening use on-land e.g at the boat festival or a restaurant visit (although you could easily wear a combo of the stuff above 


Camping stuff


Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Small dry bag (can be stuffed with clothes to make into a pillow)

Head torch

Solar shower (there are plenty of folk with these, so you might be able to borrow a shot of one)



In general, things which can be multi-use are best

e.g Bar of soap (can wash you and your clothes and reduces in size as the trip goes on!)

Shower gel (that can be used as shampoo and also for washing clothes)


Toothbrush and toothpaste

+ other personal items


Other stuff

Lifejacket and ideally a spare cylinder

Camera + charger  (USB / car lighter charger are best)

Pen and paper (I never travel without these!)

bin bags (to put wet kit in etc)

Any personal medication

Sweeties / lollies etc

A pack of cards

Ear plugs – there’s always a snorer nearby

A big smile