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Contact for transport:

Ken J Hughes
Managing director
Kellara Transport Pty Ltd

Offloading requirement, I believe this is between you and the carrier but I can reimburse you
if you incur any costs.

I have not given insurance any thought so far.

Yes documentation and history and photo’s are all bundled up to go.

Paint not to sure about that have to consult my wife.

Antifouling is Boatcoat  Coppercoat 70%copperpower 30% Epoxy I have it on all my boats
it seems to last for ever and just needs a scrub once in a while.

It comes with a full cover from bow to stern with extra straps over to hold it in high winds

A 230 volt to 48volt 15Amp battery charger is built in and requires a 230V 10amp extension cord
to connect, A 48v to 12 volt inverter is also fitted to supply lights,bilge pump etc.

I am intending to arrive during delivery and will be available to explain operation to your people
it would be helpfull if one was  electically or electronically minded,