Huon Yacht Club time trial report

Phil Petterson and Des Power in Gretchen flew the flag for the LBT at this event. Gary McDonald reports:

Sunday’s Time trial No 3 came with a foggy and chilly start. Nevertheless we ended up with 4 active participants with 2 apologies. Mistral and Acacia made the start time with Wiraway and Gretchen starting a little later. Delays due to conditions are something that a time trial can easily forgive, and it was pleasing to see a variety of vessels taking part and a variety of propulsion choices made. The challenge after all is to be able to achieve the two laps as close as possible to your nominated time. The fog lifted intermittently, apparently needing to practice. This in spite of a light but steady north easterly which kept the yacht clubs flags streaming steadily. The estimates and performance were an entertainment in the starters box. The timekeeper even had a moment or two spare to chop onions for the BBQ. Following the event skippers and crew returned to the clubhouse for a BBQ, drink and a chat in something resembling sunshine. The atmosphere remained chilly but the comradery was warm. Thank you to John Flowers for organising the event and thanks to everyone else who contributed (Great cake Lorri!). Gretchen walked away with the prize. Thanks to Gretchen and crew for braving the mists and the shoals downriver from Franklin. Her gaff rig looked splendid in contrast to the bare poles and Bermudan rig of the other contenders.

Given the chill we should be confident of higher numbers next time as the weather warms.