Wooden Boat Centre AGM

Last Sunday the Wooden Boat Centre conducted their annual general meeting. Whilst we casual observers assumed that the focused activity and the large number of boats under repair and construction signified that all was well at the Centre, it was good to hear from treasurer Sonia Shimeld that the financials are ok too. Anne Holst delivered a president’s report which highlighted the contributions of various members of the Centre’s community, and the initiatives have been and which will be of particular importance. The reports from Anne and Sonia are attached here and here.

The LBT is exceptionally lucky to have the Wooden Boat Centre as a ‘sister’ organisation, with interests which dovetail so closely. We hope to have more joint activities with them over the coming year. In the meantime individual LBT members might like to consider doing some volunteer work at the Centre: we are both organisations which are heavily reliant on the support of our community.