Opportunity to join Yukon

Matt Wardell writes:

‘ Sail with Yukon in Europe! Berths have become available on Leg 15 of the Yukon journey home. This is a 24 night leg from Palma, Mallorca to Douarenez, Northern France sailing from the Mediterranean though the Straits of Gibraltar to Porto in Portugal and and then across the Bay of Biscay to Northern France. The leg embarks in Palma on Saturday 3rd June 2023 and disembarks at Douarnenez on Tuesday 27th June 2023. Matt, Gill, Jess and Dete Wardell had secured a spot but are now unable to make the trip leaving a 2 berth cabin available and possibly a salon berth. If you are interested please contact¬† ealassen5@gmail.com¬†for pricing.’