Notes on a 2 Day Expedition to Cygnet

You may have seen “Imagine” off on yet another expedition over the weekend. Here is a report on our trip in case you would also like to row to Cygnet and back. 

This is what we did 16 and 17 October 2022

Distance one way – 26.5km

Row time Day 1 – 3.5 hours

Row time Day 2 – 4 hours

Lunch pull-in place:

Day 1 – Poverty Point

Day 2 – Bullock Point

We arranged with PCSC to leave our boat on the beach and to have our oars securely stored. (contact via their web page).

We stayed the night at the Commercial Hotel (bottom Pub). It was a 25 min walk from the PCSC. We also had dinner and breakfast at the hotel.

A few bits of luck went our way to make this a really great expedition.

  • Weather was calm and cool;
  • Day 1 was Sunday and the PCSC was racing so the bar was open when we got in;
  • PCSC were very welcoming and helpful;
  • Commercial Hotel were rather excited to have us stay;
  • We were the only people staying at the pub;
  • PCSC crew of skiff rowers were going out on day 2 so we were able to join them for part of their row.

Back up Plan

  • We took phones;
  • We took an LBT marine radio;
  • If it all went wrong we had lined up someone to bring the boat trailer to us.

This trip was a long row, not a hard row, but with different conditions it could be very hard. We had a very experienced crew, we have all been on extended rows before. We had a really great time!

These notes are to help you organise your own expedition. Want more information then talk to Claire, Karen, Mandy, Beata or Lorrie. If you go on an expedition then please share your experiences so we can do it too. In fact why not ask us to join you?

Happy rowing

Claire, Karen, Mandy Beata, Lorrie