The Argonauts Club

The recent 90th birthday of the ABC was an opportunity to wallow in nostalgia, and one of the programs that was remembered fondly was the Argonauts Club. The Argonauts could hoist a sail but largely relied on oars, which was reflected in their theme song.

Fifty mighty Argonauts, bending to the oars,
Today will go adventuring to yet uncharted shores.
Fifty young adventurers today set forth and so
We cry with Jason “Man the boats, and Row! Row! Row!”
Row! Row! Merry oarsmen, Row!
That dangers lie ahead we know, we know.
But bend with all your might
As you sail into the night
And wrong will bow to right “Jason” cry,
Adventure know,
Argonauts Row! Row! Row!

You can listen to it here.

Time for a revival?