Yukon bids farewell

A final wave from Ea as Yukon prepared to leave the Franklin dock for the last time said it all. It was the end of an era to be cherished, a sad day, but a happy day, a day that had to be, and the beginning of a new adventure for the Nash family and those sailing with them.

Pic from Cheryl Gallienne

We hope they leave some of our glorious winter weather behind: Wednesday was perfect for the fleet of small (and larger) boats which assembled to farewell them.

Most boats accompanied Yukon to Jackson’s Point.

With a few diehards going on down to Port Huon.

Rick Crossland was on hand to record the day. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with. And thanks to Cheryl Gallienne, Endra O’May and Garry McDonald for the pics accompanying this item.