Yukon Farewell Party

Saturday morning was cold, rainy and misty, just what we didn’t need for an event to celebrate the time Yukon has spent with us and wish her (and the Nashes) bon voyage. But by evening the clouds had parted, a rather shy sun was sending a bit of warmth our way from over the ridge, and the river was a mirror.

By then the fires had been lit, the mulled wine was being ladled out, and the crowd of well-wishers was generating its own warmth.

As well as providing the reason for the gathering the Nashes (in the form of Aron on trumpet) were contributing to the musical entertainment in the Shed.

And of course there was speechifying, and a few tears.

Pic from Zainab Clark

Thanks to the team who did a magnificent job of preparing the Shed and the food. We love youse all. It was great to see Jilly Archer, one of the ring mistresses, back in her natural habitat the LBT kitchen.

Zainab Clark sent in the following comments, and we include them because we think she expresses what a lot of us feel better than we could say ourselves.

Just want to say a huge thank you to all at the LBT, especially the indomitable organisers, workers and musicians, for the generous and joyous celebration we all enjoyed at the farewell to Ea, David and the boys. It was such a beautiful gathering and so incredibly well organised with thoughtful inclusive catering for all, right down to non-alcoholic mulled wine! Didn’t even know that was a thing. Although we are sad to be losing our beautiful Yukon family, this was a renewing celebration of connection and community. Thank you so much.