Changes to LBT Constitution: March 17

There will be a special general meeting 5pm, Thursday 17th March at the Shed to consider and vote on changes to the LBT constitution. Rod Macfarlan writes:

The Committee is proposing changes to the Constitution, of which those concerning membership  will most directly affect everyone. The others are procedural changes concerning EFT payments,  notice of meetings, quorums for meetings, changes to recognise the move to communicating with  electronic media (emails, web-site and social media) and a few minor changes to fix legacy issues  with the Constitution. These are explained in the preamble to each motion.  Given that payment of fees is important for every member, the reason for change and the impact of  the changes is explained separately as a preamble to the motions.

For the preamble and the details of the proposed changes see this document. ‘