Masks on in the Shed please

The LBT policy on Covid is guided closely by that of the State Government, which says, as far as masks are concerned, that:

‘It is a requirement for people aged 12 years and older (unless exempt) in Tasmania to wear a mask in all public indoor spaces as an additional layer of protection against COVID-19’.

For further elaboration and and clarification see the document here.

If you arrive at the Shed and find that you don’t have a mask (and there isn’t one back in your car) look on the shelf to the left of the front door.

What with the current surge in cases (some of whom have at least visited Franklin) it is timely to remember that hand sanitising and social distancing are also both good ways to help ‘flatten the curve’. Another consideration is the comparatively high risk of being in a social situation indoors as opposed to outdoors. Can your Shed activity be moved to the verandah or the lawn? This was very successfully done with last Monday night’s dinner.