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Food on tawe nunnugah

posted Jan 18, 2015, 2:47 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 18, 2015, 3:15 PM]

One of the reasons we like everyone on the raid to register online is so that we can know if you have any dietary restrictions.  We know that about 90 people will be taking part, but only 55 have registered at [put form web address here] and only three of those have mentioned a particular requirement. If you have a dietary issue that you would like our catering team to know about, why not complete the registration form, or drop an email to me at

Register now at

On the raid we will all share breakfast in the dining marquee.  Every morning there will be a choice of cereals and fruit, and a generous offering of toasties, or crumpets, or egg & bacon muffins, or some other treat. A bench will be set up with lunch provisions, and you will pack your own lunch from the food provided.  It might be wraps, or sandwiches, or salad boxes.  There will be a variety of fresh and dried fruit, biscuits and bars, and other snacks.  There will be cordial to add to your drinking water.

 It is important that you bring with you a lunch box or bag to hold your packed lunch, and a drink bottle large enough to get you through a long day.  At the refreshment tent drinking water, tea and coffee will always be available.  As I mentioned earlier there will also be ‘real’ coffee and milo, and some herbal teas.   In the evening, with dinner, there will be beer and wine as well as soft drinks.