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tn21 – should we run a Return Raid?

posted Oct 25, 2020, 4:08 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 25, 2020, 4:09 AM]

You’re probably thinking that tn21 up-dates arelike Bristol buses – you don’t see one for ages and then a group of them allarrive together. The Return Raid was designed to have fun bringing the fleetback to Franklin following the AWBF. With the 2021 AWBF cancelled and the tn21 Raidplanned to finish in Franklin, the original reason for the Return Raid nolonger exists – however, we could organise an optional extra few days anyway.One suggestion is that after returning to Franklin, those boats that aretrailable could spend a few days exploring somewhere completely different. Possibilitiesinclude Lake Pedder, Lake Sorell basing ourselves at Interlaken, FrederickHenry/Norfolk Bay or Maria Island. The main advantage of linking this to thetn21 Raid would be that people bringing their boats from interstate would havethe opportunity to use them to explore a bit more of Tasmania. If there’slittle interest from interstate participants then we will probably organise afew days away for local boats later in the year. Use the feedback form to tellus what you think about alternatives to the normal Return Raid: