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Organisers Report

St Ayles Skiffs at the Regatta.

In a way, this Swiftsure Regatta was an opportunity to determine the differences in performance of the three St Ayles Skiffs participating. These skiffs are able to be modified [with certain rules, like making the rowlocks out of wood only] to improve performance. Guidance from the designer, and competition and discussions with other Skiff communities worldwide are creating new ways to do that in interesting ways. It is fun and adds extra enjoyment to the whole Skiffie experience.

So, consider this;
For the same distance rowed [around a buoy], the average time for the Skiffs, with different mixed teams and different conditions throughout the day were;

Chiton [Kite-on] – 10.532 minutes.
Imagine [J Lennon] – 10.486 minutes.
Swan [nee Cygnet] – 10.678 minutes.

This may not seem much of a difference but, together with the ease of rowing and handling experience of the crews, may be relevant for the big Regatta in February. Thole pins, Oar length and blade shapes, thwart heights and foot braces might all help to stimulate performance.
Interestingly the fastest time recorded was Old LBT in Swan, which perhaps proves that these beautiful, flexible boats are matched well enough for the most experienced team to win in the slowest boat. Or was it the new Thole pin system?
It would be good to hear from the crews how they felt about the ease of rowing and handling different boats.

Thank you for making the day such fun.But it would have been good if all skiff teams were complete and organised at registration. Some last minute changes dealt with by team leaders, and at least everybody knowing their team name for example. I’m amazed, and a bit disappointed, that most people did not want to row the FINAL, places being determined by fastest times.[which do not necessarily reflect best teams due to changing conditions].