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Swiftsure II

The Swiftsure II was completed in 2004 and was the first major boat building undertaking of the LBT. We are grateful to the Tasmanian Community Fund for providing the grant that enabled her construction. She has been involved in many LBT activities, including the Swiftsure Regattas, sailing and camping adventures, and the Tawe Nunnugah expeditions. She has starred as a prop in the feature film Van Diemens Land and is a fantastic flagship for the LBT.

‘Grant Wilson, went over to Christchurch, New Zealand to get permission for the Trust to build a replica of Swiftsure, the last surviving Tasmanian whaleboat in the world, built in 1860, but sold to New Zealand in 1863, and donated to the Canterbury Museum at the end of her career in 1915. Grant brought the plans back, with detailed notes, and soon, a temporary workshop with a plastic roof was erected next to the Boat School and students from Geeveston High School began construction, supervised by a sequence of Boat School graduates and local boatbuilders….In 2003, Swiftsure II moved into the new [Living Boat Trust] shed, where she attracted increasing numbers of volunteers, every Monday night, led by a sequence of ex-student boat builders and teachers. She was eventually launched on 26th November 2004.’ – John Young

See more about the build here.  More information about the original Swiftsure, and about another replica of her, can be found at http://gablerose.com/jackson-swiftsure.html .  An article has been copied from this site and can be read here

Boat Dimensions:  Length (overall) 9.92 metres, width 1.7 metres


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