June edition of Afloat magazine out now

The latest ‘Afloat’ magazine is as full of interest as usual – pick up a copy at the chandlery or at the WBC, or <<read it online here>>. Among the stories is the tale of ‘the Wager’. If you like your sea dramas grim the Wager is a beauty. Also (elsewhere) this quote from Joseph Conrad on seeing his first command ‘the Otago’.

‘Her hull, her rigging filled my eye with great content. That feeling of life-emptiness which had made me so restless for the last few months lost its bitter plausibility, its evil influence dissolved in a flow of joyous emotion. I could see she was a high-class vessel, a harmonious creature in the lines of her fine body … Among her companions moored to the bank … an Arab steed in a string of cart horses.’

As an expression of boat fever we reckon that takes some beating. He should have headed straight for the centre of the nearest desert, taken his antivirals and hoped like hell it would pass quickly. The Tasmanian connection is Otago Bay up the Derwent, where the hulk of Otago the boat was finally scuttled.