Pssst. Do you want to know a secret boating destination?

Gary McDonald writes:

The recent AFLOAT article on “Port Huon/Kermandie” reminded me of the past LBT expeditions to Port Huon in Capricornia and Monty. It occurred to me that there are also opportunities for skiffs, kayaks and canoes to venture south and perhaps that as well as the put ins at Shipwrights Point and the infamous “Little Bondi ” near Huon Aquaculture. (noting that the mud is deep there if the tide is unfriendly), there is also a less well known grassy banked pull out area in Hospital Bay not far from the Cafe (some 400 metres). This also offers one or two parking spots inside of the armco and , with some risk crossing the road, a few more parks on the other side of the road  near Dr Dick’s house.

Nice to know if you fancy a well earned pie and soft drink to gird ones loins for the row back up stream to Franklin (or hoist a sail – the sea breeze is a friendly sort).

Note: its not suitable for a trailer launch.