LBT members at large column

Pip Stevenson has just reported in, having been part of a crew doing a delivery of the 28 metre motor yacht ‘Intrigue‘ to north Queensland. It does not look like he is doing it tough. The picture below was taken ‘at the fuel wharf in Southport, a place she is very fond of’. You wouldn’t want to be footing the bill.

Pip reports:

‘As a watchkeeper on a trip like this your main job is to avoid collisions. On the first night I was confronted with the Mooloolaba trawler fleet numbering about 14 boats strung out in front of me. I altered course to starboard and went around them. Lance said I was a wimp and that I should have gone straight through the middle! I hope he was joking!’

As part of the same correspondence Pip sent the following photo of a fishing boat ‘Omega’ on which he sometimes crewed caught on the bar at Brunswick Heads some years ago.

She lost her wheelhouse, but survived to fish another day. Glad we don’t encounter that sort of thing at the mouth of the Huon.