Cleaner wanted

The LBT is looking for an independent contractor for basic cleaning of our bathrooms and kitchen. Payment will be according to the Cleaning Services Award. That is, cleaning service employee Level 1, part time (currently $27.68/hr). Preference for this position will be given to members who already make a substantial unpaid contribution to shed maintenance.

  • clean and maintain bathroom and toilets (once per week)
  • clean kitchen floor (once per fortnight)
  • maintain stock levels of bathroom & kitchen staples as per list (once per month)
  • clean fridges, microwave, stove and oven as necessary
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE washing up or other cleaning of people’s mess

Initially for 1 hr/week with an extra hr once every month, but this is capable of revision if not appropriate. The contractor will be paid on submission of a simple invoice detailing hours worked.
The LBT is very mindful that many people make unpaid contributions, and that this will be the only paid role in the organisation. However, these tasks are clearly not something members are lining up to volunteer for. Given that we charge for showers and for basic health reasons, it is incumbent upon us to keep our facilities clean.