Booking a boat: new system

We know, we know. We all hate change, but hopefully this one is for the better. The existing system has done sterling service for the last 10 years but if there are ways of fixing its various idiosyncrasies and issues we have long forgotten them and it is time to move on.

The new system can be found at . You are not going to remember that, but there are links to it from Calendars, Rowing and Boats pages, all accessible from the main menu of the LBT website.

Taking the ‘Calendar’ page as an example, there is a link at the top for boat bookings.

Choose this and you will directed to Boat Bookings, as shown below.

As suggested, check the calendar and then choose the link arrowed above, and that will take you to the form shown below.

Fill in and submit this form and your booking will be added to the calendar.