Ruth Young – one woman rowing a grebe from the LBT around Rat Island and back to the LBT.

Glenys Bounday-30:17 minutes

Sussie Nicholls – 33:00

Phyllix Tam – 34:56

Nell Tyson 37:50

Roger Harwood

A little bit of extra rowing this year as the tide was so low it was thought they would not make it through the canal, so the men rowed all the way back after getting the long way around to the canal.

Neil Easson – 59.51m ( This was with a 4 minute penalty)

Will Halliman – 1:03:50

David Conway – 1:10:36

Swiftsure Time Trials

2nd Crew – 26:42

1st crew – 29:23

Blind Fold Boaties

A winning combination of Lorrie and Marguerite

Rat Island Sailing Race

This race was not held, we lacked sailors and wind.

Skiff 1km race

Beata, Neil, Mandy, Karen, Lorrie were 15 sec faster than

Marguerite, Phillix, Glenys, Sussie, Matt

We faced many challenges, however we pulled together, made it work and we had a great day. Thanks everyone who participated in the various capacities.

Rowing sub-committee

16 March, 2024