If interested in the 2025 Raid join the tn25 mailing list

Although we have been quiet, planning is well under way for the next tawe nunnugah Raid in January/February 2025. We will soon start sending out information on how to be part of tn25 but we don’t wish to overload you with messages if you are not interested in the Raid. This message has gone to all LBT members and to people on the mailing lists from past Raids, but from now on up-dates will only be emailed to people who have joined the tawe nunnugah tn25 mailing list or were on the tn23 mailing list. So, if you are thinking about doing the Tasmanian Raid in 2025 either on the water as a participant or as a volunteer, join the tn25 mailing list by following this link: http://mailchi.mp/e2f975dcee24/tawe_nunnugah

Please join the mailing list even if you’ve already told us you want to be on the Raid – there is a possibility we have forgotten. We use the mailing list to send information up-dates about the Raid and, if later on you find you are no longer interested, you can always ‘unsubscribe’. If you miss any tn25 up-dates or delete them from your email, you can find them on the tn25 web page under Latest News. You will also find a step-by-step guide on how to sign-up for the raid. To keep up to date with plans for the Raid visit the tn25 web page at: https://livingboattrust.org.au/tawe-nunnugah-2025/