Summer Boating Getaway January 2024: Update

Tom Stevens, who skippered the safety mothership Seaire on tn23, can’t wait until 2025 and tn25 for another expedition. He writes:

As mentioned at recent LBT dinners I am looking to take Seaire for a 2 week summer outing up to Wineglass Bay in January 23 and am inviting any interested LBT members with larger boats to join the excursion. We have a few boats already keen to join. 

Leaving approx. Jan 10th – 11th from Southport and returning by Jan 24th we will travel up and back in casual company depending on weather conditions by either the Inside Channels or outside Bruny Is/Tasman Peninsular and stop along the way at various locations as conditions allow. Eg, Dunalley, Maria Is, Adventure Bay, Port Arthur, Tasman Island, Cape Hauy, Orford, Scholten Is Swansea, Freycinet etc, etc. There are lots of options for beautiful bays, beaches and coastline to explore. 

Also, a couple of other LBT members (Endra, Jane and Dennis) are looking to organise a shorter mini raid of smaller LBT boats (dinghy yachts and skiffs) to do a trip from Coles Bay to Schouten Is with dates to be decided (approx. 5 days) and it is anticipated that both groups will meet up around Schouten Is. 

These will be a self – managed excursions with each of the 2 groups’ boats and members organising their own crews, travel, food and camping arrangements, with everyone supporting each other (Safety in numbers) where they can should the need arise. Join the trip where you can and as it suits you. 

If you are thinking of coming along can you please let me know and take a moment to Register Interest Here.

For the larger boats I have put together a Suggested Route Itinerary with o/n anchorages and daily travel distances.   

Denis, Jane and Endra will organise the small boat group.

We will aim to leave Southport on the morning of the 10th Jan and have a BBQ at Jim’s beachside shack beforehand on the evening of the  9th to decide best route depending on weather conditions.

Looking to meet up with the Small Boat Group at Coles Bay on the afternoon of Sun 14 Jan.  

I have created a What’s App Community which you can join here, we can use this for general organisational communication and announcements prior to leaving and location tracking whilst on route.

The Summer Getaway What’s App Community has 2 groups which you can choose to join.

  1. Large Boat Group
  2. Small Boat Group