We are in the process of paying our insurances, which is a good time to remind ourselves of what we are covered for and what we are not. This has not changed in recent years, so what follows is simply a rehash of the same notice we have issued in the past – if you think you have seen it before you probably have.

  • If you are a member participating in (not working for) an LBT activity such as rowing or sailing there is NO cover provided for you by the LBT. The way to think of it is that as a member using ‘your’ facilities (the shed, the boats) it is up to you to provide your own cover. The principal reason that the LBT does not provide personal accident cover for participants is financial: we would have have to put up membership rates to cover it, and this would be unfair to the many members who are good supporters but are infrequent users of our resources.
  • We DO provide voluntary workers insurance.  
  • This insurance is primarily intended for people doing work for the LBT, in the workshop or supervising events.
  • If you are in paid employment (outside the LBT) the insurance provides some cover for loss of income in the case of injury: up to $400 per week to a maximum of 104 weeks. 
  • If you are not in paid employment and are injured whilst working for the LBT you are entitled to some ‘home help’. 
  • In either of the above cases the LBT is NOT covered for any medical costs: all medical treatment must be claimed from Medicare or a private health provider. 
  • There is also a ‘capital’ benefit in the case of a permanent disablement or death to a maximum of $50,000. 

Find details about 2023-24 insurances here.

Find details about all insurances, including plain text descriptions, here.

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