5 Miles from Home Challenge

This international virtual rowing event grew out of the movement restrictions imposed during the Covid outbreak. Crews from all over the globe can participate in virtual rowing on their home waters at any time during a set four-day window, record their results on a sat nav app and feel like they are rowing with other crews from around the world. Results are kept secret until all crews have competed and then the winning times are announced.

The event began in 2020, and this is the third year the LBT has been represented by crews rowing in St Ayles Skiffs. This year 250 crews have entered from 94 clubs, 4 continents, 10 countries and 30 different boat types. The challenge took place between 28th September and 1st October with two crews from the LBT competing.

Tactics play an important part in this type of event such as understanding local conditions like water flow, weather, and its impact as well as the fitness and skill of the crew.

The first LBT crew to compete, the very determined Friday Floaters selected early Friday morning 29th to row; conditions were perfect except for the continual rain, that did not deter these remarkable 4 women who rowed continually for 55 minutes to cover the 8.04 km required. Fortunately, enough calories were burnt to celebrate with chocolate after the row.

Saturday morning 30th September saw the LBT’s second crew the Sunday Swans compete. (They had trained on Sundays). It was hard going, but they never stopped, supporters cheered them on from boats and land. Celebrations took place afterwards with coffee and egg and bacon rolls.

Results are in, 21 female crews in St Ayles Skiffs competed. Our Friday Floaters were the second fastest in the over 50’s and third in overall female times. The Sunday Swans were in the middle of the field.

The Living Boat Trust can be rightly proud of the involvement of its St Ayles Skiff crews in this challenging international event.

Article by Lorrie