LBTers at large column: Martin Kell

Martin is in Granada – West Indies, not Spain – where he is on ‘his’ new boat Three Bells. He writes:

No not mine, I’m just here on a wolladay to finish the refit so she can begin running sunset charters. So why am I here in the Caribbean fixing a pirate ship??? I’m over Tasmanian winters? Fifth midlife crisis?? Who knows but I’ve often wondered if I picked a spot on the globe (flat earth) and went there would I sink or swim. The bilge pump kick’s in every half an hour or so and the mosquitoes are enjoying the fresh blood and it’s about 5 degrees over my max warmth enjoyment level but only time will tell. I’m not sure if I’m enjoying it or not but the island is growing on me, complete chaos on the boat and ashore but everyone is very polite so there’s a start‘.