tn23 – The Return Raid RR23

If you are doing the Return Raid and weren’t on the 10-day tn23 you’re probably wondering what’s going on and why I’ve gone quiet over the past two weeks. Well, we’ve been a little distracted with tn23 but now our focus is on the Return Raid. My participant list for the Return Raid is sitting at about 60 which is a good number for a relaxed sail back to Franklin after the AWBF. If you are doing the Return Raid please follow the link to the RR23 Participants list at the end of this message and check that your name is on the list. If you are not on the list – either because I accidently left you off, or because you have only just decided to join the Return Raid, please send a text message to me at O4O8 663 144. There is room for a few more without stressing the systems so we would be happy to have a few extras join us. If you did the tn23 Raid, you can do the RR23 at half the normal rate ($240 instead of $480 for 4 nights). For the boats at the festival, planned departure for RR23 is sometime between 2pm and 3pm on Monday 13 February – for those on the small Raid boats including the LBT whaleboats, departure will be from Watermans Dock, which is just in front of the Customs House. You can load your camping gear in to the 4 tonne Budget truck Monday between 11am and 1pm. The truck will be parked behind the fence on Princes wharf between Princes Wharf No.1 and the IMAS (Utas) building. If you can’t make it at that time send a text message to Deb at O427 554 624 to discuss alternatives. The current RR23 Participants List should be here: