tn23 – plan for a capsize

We don’t wish to alarm you but every year we have at least one boat capsize during the Raid. Chances are it won’t be you – but it might be. You should prepare yourself, your crew and the boat just in case. Everything you might need after a capsize should be tied in, otherwise it will probably sink or float off. Phones, spare batteries, and anything that doesn’t mix well with seawater should be in waterproof containers. Large, rolltop dry-bags are a good way of keeping your lunch, your spare jumper and anything else dry and in one place during the day on the water. Tie on your glasses and your hat. It shouldn’t need saying, but even experienced skippers sometimes forget the obvious – secure anchors so they don’t deploy on their own if you are up-side down. Make sure the tiller and rudder are clipped in and/or tied to the boat, not just held in place by gravity – gravity may work against you if you are the wrong way up. Keep your (waterproof) VHF radio on your body and secured with a lanyard at all times. We have very good safety systems in place including very capable, fast response safety boats travelling with the Raid fleet at all times. Their job is to be aware of any boat in trouble and to stand-by ready to provide assistance if needed. Remember – if you do go over, stay with the boat, check on the others and when everyone is accounted for and settled, decide whether to attempt to right it yourselves or to accept a tow – you won’t be alone for long. Being prepared is the best way to keep things under control.