tn23  – Where’s the goat? Where’s the cabbage?

Getting everyone to the start of the Raid at Recherche Bay and returning all vehicles and trailers not needed for camp support to Franklin is a logistics juggling act but always works out if everyone works together. A few simple rules help it happen: 1) No vehicle should leave Franklin or Recherche with empty seats before checking whether anyone needs a lift – there will be someone coordinating this both at the LBT shed and at Recherche; 2) Cars with boat trailers that need to be returned to Franklin should aim to leave Franklin by mid-morning, this is particularly important if the driver returning the trailer has to get back to Recherche; 3) Some of the Camp Support vehicles need to get to Recherche early so the essential camp infrastructure can be established, but others do not – these vehicles must remain in Franklin and be available to do late runs with the drivers who have returned to Franklin with trailers; 4) There will be two 4 tonne trucks supporting the Raid – your personnel gear (including tents etc) should be loaded in the ‘Early Truck’ which will leave around mid-day/early afternoon – so your gear is waiting for you when you arrive at Recherche; 5) Whatever you do, never leave the goat alone with the cabbage, or the wolf alone with the goat. It’s good to see the Info Exchange being used, however, there is no need for everyone to use it to lock in their own arrangements for getting to the start of the Raid.