tn23 – what stuff should I bring?

If you’ve done the Raid before, or even read the FAQs, you’ll know all this – but it bears repeating because I’m still being asked whether we supply tents (we don’t). You NEED to bring a tent, sleeping gear (bag, mat, pillow), spare clothes, toiletries, water bottle and lunch box (the world already has enough water bottles and lunch boxes, so we don’t provide these). You will NOT need to bring camping chairs, crockery, cutlery – all these are provided. All your spare clothes and camping gear will travel by road, not in your boat but with more than 110 people on the Raid, the amount of gear becomes a major issue. If everyone brings 25kg that’s more than two and half tonnes of personnel gear to load and unload every day. Please do not pack your spare anchor or 20 litres of fresh water (even if you need to rinse your hair every evening) in your personnel gear – don’t laugh, it’s happened before, and we know who you are. Remember you will have 10-15kg of clothes and gear with you on the boat – so a maximum of 20-23 kgs in the truck, including all your spare clothes and camping gear should be enough for anyone. Packing in two or more lighter/soft bags is better than cramming everything in a very heavy single bag and hoping no-one will notice. Everyone helps unload the trucks and we soon learn who’s tent the really heavy bags go to. Stuff you are bringing to Tasmania but don’t need during the Raid should be packed separately and left at the LBT shed in Franklin. If you find yourself surrounded by a pile of ball gowns, overalls, croquet sets, shorts and dinner jackets and are wondering which to leave behind, have a look at these lists compiled in the past by experienced Raiders: