tn23– Safety equipment and much more

We all forget something – it’s just a fact of life, but here in Franklin it’s not a disaster. The local chandler, Franklin Marine, is very well stocked and within 75m of the LBT shed. If you need something he doesn’t have in stock, Ian has agreed to do a run into his supplier on Tuesday 31 January, leaving at mid-day – be sure to contact him by Tuesday morning at the very latest. If you don’t want to travel with flares, fire extinguishers, life-jackets etc. pre-order them from Ian and he will have them waiting for you when you arrive. Flares have only a three-year life and to ensure you get the full three years he doesn’t hold a lot in stock – so if you are planning to buy them from Ian, make sure he knows in advance. For enquiries or to place an order, email Ian at: