tn23 – Navigation, charts and chart plotters

The Raid is essentially a cruise in company but that doesn’t mean you should rely on everyone else to know where you are, where you are going and what not to run into on the way. If you are bringing your own Raid boat you should have chart information covering the entire route but a large chart is unwieldly in a small boat. Each Raid boat should have the relevant sections of the charts copied at A4 size and laminated. Many experienced Raiders will also have a marine navigation app., such as Navionics or similar, on their phone which they will carry in a waterproof cover and will have a back-up external power-pack to ensure the phone doesn’t run out of juice just when it’s needed. In the past, when we charged a ‘Boat Registration’ fee, we supplied laminated copies of the charts, however, this is very time consuming for the few people helping with Raid preparations. Many of the boats have done several previous Raids and should already have sets of charts – if so, bring them with you. Otherwise you can download a PDF with the relevant sections of the chart by following this link: Shops that provide printing services (such as Officeworks) will print (double-sided, colour) and laminate for under $4 for an A4 sheet.