tn23 – VHF radios

All boats in the Raid fleet must carry a VHF radio. The person in charge of a vessel must ensure that anyone using the radio on their boat knows how to operate it and is familiar with basic marine radio operating procedures. Capsize is always possible on the smaller raid-boats so the radio should be waterproof and carried on the body at all times when on the water, and secured with a lanyard. The LBT has standardised on the Icom M23 handheld VHF. This model appears to have been superseded by the Icom IC M25 which should be available for about $250. Don’t feel you need buy another VHF if you have one from a different manufacturer and it works well – standardising on a particular model just makes life easier when re-charging as the charging plugs are the same (although the M25 and M23 do use different charging plugs).