tn23 – please bring your life jacket

The LBT does not have enough life jackets for everyone on the Raid – if you have one, please bring it. From 1 January 2021, all life jackets in Tasmania on recreational boats must be approved to AS4758 and for the Raid we are required to use Level 100 or greater, approved for Sheltered and Coastal Waters. Old jackets can no longer be used – old ones are labelled AS1512, AS1499 or AS2260 or PFD Type 1, 2 or 3 inside the jacket. The LBT has a limited number of foam-filled life jackets available for the Raid. Our priority for these will be volunteers with on-water roles/safety-boat operators etc – although most will have their own as they are all very experienced boat users. Next priority will be camp support volunteers who are doing some time on the water. LBT does not have any of the inflatable horse-collar style life jackets favoured by rowers. It’s very easy to travel with a life jacket, even those with CO2 cannisters are accepted by airlines but you should check in advance with the airline for specific declaration requirements. There is a marine chandler within 50m of the LBT – they stock some life jackets, so if you find that the LBT cannot provide you with one then you may be able to buy one locally. For the definitive word on life jacket requirements in Tasmanian waters go to the Marine and Safety Tasmania website: