tn23 – Boat safety equipment

If you are bringing your own boat on the Raid now is a good time to be checking your safety equipment. The first few days of the Raid will be in waters classified by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) as ‘Sheltered Waters’ – if you don’t venture too far out to sea. North of Dover we will be in ‘Smooth Waters’ ( Please make sure you have everything required by MAST for vessels operating in Sheltered Waters ( Before departure all boats will be inspected for safety including safety equipment. As well as the equipment on the MAST list, all Raid boats must carry a VHF radio, as this is the main means of communication within the fleet, and a heaving line with a fender attached in case someone goes overboard. In previous years MAST has exempted our open boats with no engine from the requirement to carry a fire extinguisher – otherwise carry a fire extinguisher. Remember flares have a limited life, so check the dates on the ones you have. We encourage you to support your local chandler but if you still need anything when you get to Franklin there is a well-stocked local chandler (Franklin Marine) next to the LBT shed.