tn23 Mailing List teething problems

Sometimes the wheels fall off….every two years when we go public with the latest Raid information we have to re-learn how to set-up the mailing list and send out information. You should now have received a tawe nunnugah News Post about volunteers but probably didn’t get the earlier one we posted about Expressions of Interest and how to sign up for the Raid. To reassure you, that is not because you aren’t on the mailing list but because we hadn’t set things up properly. If you are getting, this then you are on the mailing list. While a little embarrassing, it does allow us to point that if you miss any tn23 News Posts or delete them from your email you can see them all on our website at:

The EOI is central to our process for signing up for the Raid so please complete it if you wish to participate in the Raid either on the water or as a volunteer supporter.