SOS for a wooden boat in Strahan

Good Morning,

We are in need of help with a wooden boat, presently in Mills Bay, Strahan, that has had recent damage, we believe it is taking on water.
We live in South Australia and due to COVID restrictions can’t get over to sort out what to do.
We bought the boat ‘Hanon’ a year ago with the intention of saving it from being scrapped, but alas due to current issues with borders and COVID this may not be possible.
This week we have been contacted by MAST to say we need to do something (remove) within 31 days.
We are asking for help, do you know of any group or person who would be interested in this boat? We would prefer to give it to such a group.
Could you please reply ASAP as we wish to both comply with MAST and try and save Hanon.
We can send photos.

Kind regards,
Jill and John

Ph 0431 079 579

* and great news – Jill has just sent us an update ” A previous owner has contacted us and we have sorted out a deal to save Hanon.Thank you for your support.”