31st January RaiD Update – Tawe Nunnugah Raid 2013

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31st January RaiD Update

posted Jan 31, 2013, 8:15 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated Jan 31, 2013, 9:19 PM]

The voyage fromRecherche Bay to Hobart has commenced!

Over 30 wooden boatsgathered at the most southern point of Australia to begin the 197kmjourney into Sullivan’s Cove in Hobart, to participate in theWooden Boat Festival in Waterman’s Dock from February 8 to 11.

There they will join aflotilla of boats from all over the world to celebrate the beauty andappeal of wooden boats and the adventure, endurability and romance ofwater travel.

A St Ayles Skiff isparticipating for the first time, along with a crew of Huon Valleywomen who constructed the 22-foot boat. Due to a resurgence in thepopularity of wooden boat use in Scottish coastal communities, an IanOutred-designed St Ayles Skiff has opened up opportunities for othergroups from around the world to join in.

On the first day of“The Raid” the Skiff crew of five experienced the joys of joiningin with other aquatic life – a seal playfully rolling in thesilky-grey ocean, a whale splashing on the horizon. Meeting andchatting to local fishermen on the open sea, whose catches included a30kg tuna, highlighted the experiences of the journey. The crew werealso able to experience rowing in large swells, then after a historicvisit to the French Garden near Catamaran (circa 1792) they used thebuffeting winds to sail, as other explorers have done. A simple sailis an option for the Skiff crews as a break from the physical demandsof rowing.

Challenges are alsopart of the journey, with rain, wind and harsh and soft conditions apart of the variety the crews will experience along the way. Day 2takes the boats to Southport, and after the Southport Regatta thenext day, the group push on to Dover.

Jane Johnson