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Use ‘Check in Tas’ at the LBT from May 1st

posted Apr 29, 2021, 4:57 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Apr 29, 2021, 5:29 AM]

It’s the invasion of the QR codes:  there is now one in the middle of the front door (pics below).  In order assist with potential Covid tracing and help keep everybody safe you should zap this with the ‘Check in Tas’ app on your mobile phone when you visit the shed.  Download the app from the appropriate store: (Google) or (Apple).  The [edited] instructions from the State Government are as follows. 

‘The Tasmanian Government now requires use of the free Check in TAS app to collect contact information about everyone who spends time at an applicable organisation’s premises. This is done by requiring people to scan a unique QR code when entering the premises…If a person does not have a smartphone or is unable to use one, others attending the premises with that person can use their own phone to check that person in. Alternatively, an organisation can register a person’s details using that organisations’ device. If there is no internet access or working device, the organisation can check them in manually on paper.’  (ref: 

A paper form will be kept on the table opposite the door. 

There could be an upside to this.  Sammy J used the tracing app for true love: