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Swiftsure Regatta 2015 – Saturday 28 November

posted Oct 27, 2015, 3:10 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 27, 2015, 3:11 AM]

Hans Sipsma writes:

‘Yes, it’s thattime of year again. One of the opportunities to engage in a bit ofnot too serious rowing racing and fun on the water.

Once again theformat has changed; it seems to happen every year. The school raceswill be held in the morning with a whole series of races andactivities, then a lunch break and the big kids get to play. DavidBudd is organising the morning and Karen Corbin and a team of WOWladies are organising the afternoon with a little help from me. 

At this point weare advising you to think about forming skiff teams to participate.Because we have only a few hours to cram in the skiff races plusother events such as Swiftsure and Big Boats challenge, Fun races andof course the Rat Race [“anything that floats” races around RatIsland] we need to limit the teams to only mixed crews. That meansthat we have to make a rule of a MAXIMUM of 2 men per team to make itfair. Since there are more women than men rowing, the men will bemuch in demand, lucky us!? 

A week before theRegatta we need to know how many teams there are to make up aschedule of races. We are hoping that Cygnet and Taroona will bringtheir skiffs and teams but teams can be formed by anyone interestedin rowing a skiff, even if they have not done so before. It is verymuch a fun Regatta. 

We also needvolunteers to do all the other jobs associated with running aRegatta; Marshals to call and direct crews, timekeepers for theraces, safety boat crew, servers of food and drink and pre Regattapreparations staff. 

Do contactmyself, Karen Corbin or Richard Forster the LBT secretary (sec@lbt.org.au) if you haveany questions or ideas to discuss;  

Hans; hanssipsma@hotmail.com Tel. 0448050337′ 

Pictured below, one of the ‘fun events’ from last year’s regatta.